The Best Republican Convention Dance Moves, Set to 'My Neck, My Back'

Max Read · 08/29/12 03:03PM

As if the hours of Republicans dancing broadcast on CSPAN yesterday wasn't steamy enough, here it is, edited down by Corey Ann Clark and set to "My Neck, My Back." "**WARNING YOUR HORNY LEVEL WILL SOON BE VERY HIGH**," Clark writes. "While I was watching the RNC yesterday, I noticed during the musical numbers some of the ladies of the party getting RED HOT. Luckiliy, I was able to obtain 45 minutes worth of this footage and crammed it into 3 minutes of lustful hounds twirling their fingers, even more raunchy, taking off their ten gallon hats." Current horney level: about to explode. [Corey Ann Clark, h/t Richard Gin]