The Stars of 9/11: Where Are They Now?

Lauri Apple · 09/10/11 11:18AM

The September 11 attacks placed all kinds of characters—some sinister, some sympathetic—in the public eye, both making careers and ending others. It helped conspiracy theorists attract followings, terrorists earn life sentences, rescue dogs win medals, and patriotic country music stars gain crossover fans. Let's check in with some of the folks (and dogs) for whom 9/11 became a watershed personal branding moment, whether they intended it to or not.

Taki on terrorists and porn stars

Gawker · 03/14/03 04:57PM

Greek shipping heir and social critic, Taki, seems to agree that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (arrested for masterminding the 9/11 attack) looks like porn legend Ron Jeremy. Or a porn star, generally"grubby, tubby, hairy and very, very ugly." He notes that the British press reported that he was picked up in "'an upper-middle class suburb' of Rawalpindi. (Leave it to the class-obsessed hacks to describe a slum as middle class.)" He adds, "...I do believe that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should be tortured into revealing [Osama Bin Laden's] whereabouts. (But first they should shave him. His hairy back is much too disgusting even for a torturer.)"
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