Double Down Dog Is KFC's Latest Depraved Assault on Your Digestive Tract

Andy Cush · 01/26/15 11:47AM

Close your eyes and imagine: chicken entrails blended and stuffed into a fleshy, pill-shaped sac, then infused with a savory cheese-inspired paste. Wrap that nuclear taste missile in a slab of breaded poultry, top it with a drizzle of deli mustard, and launch it careening toward your own gaping maw. Do you like it? You've just been Doubled Down, Dog, courtesy of KFC.

Americans Claim to Hate the Fast Food Chains They Love

Hamilton Nolan · 07/02/14 08:09AM

Americans spend close to $2 billion a day dining out, and most of that money ain't being spent at The Four Seasons, if you know what we mean. (It is being spent on cheap garbage food.) Heartbreakingly, Americans now say they loathe the fast food chains to which they've pledged their lives.

An Ex-Chick-fil-A Employee Robbed a KFC

Aleksander Chan · 06/26/14 05:40PM

Jeffrey Coley, 50, a former employee of Chick-fil-A, is accused of holding up a KFC drive-thru in Rock Hill, S.C. and speeding away with the cash register drawer containing $516.02. A day later and after a bit of a car chase, Coley was arrested by police in his Plymouth Neon, where the cash drawer was sitting on the seat with a little less than a gram of methamphetamine.

KFC Is Bringing Back the Double Down

Jay Hathaway · 04/16/14 10:40AM

In recognition of America's insatiable craving for chicken, chicken-like food products, and Frankenfoods, KFC is resurrecting its stomach-turning bunless chicken sandwich, the Double Down. The monster was first introduced in 2010, but its availability in the U.S. has been limited over the past few years.

KFC Secretly Rolls Out Chik-fil-A Knockoff Restaurant

Hamilton Nolan · 04/07/14 08:17AM

This week, Arlington, Texas will get the thing it most desperately needs: a new greasy fast food chicken restaurant. But this greasy fast food chicken restaurant marks the launch of a greasy fast food chicken restaurant war.