Politician Blows Pastor's Mind With Powerful Defense of Gay Marriage

Neetzan Zimmerman · 09/05/13 08:53AM

It's not every day that you hear a seasoned politician, much less the leader of a major party, publicly defend same-sex marriage against the dogmatic antagonism of a fundamentalist Christian pastor, especially in the United States.

We'll Never Let You Forget About That One Night at the Strip Club

Sheila · 03/14/08 09:36AM

Five years after a visit to the Scores gentleman's club, Australia's prime minister Kevin Rudd is still catching hell. And it's all the fault of the New York Post! (Fellow Aussie and NYP editor Col Allan was the one who took him there.) Now that Rudd is campaigning to curb teenage drinking, his opponents are not going to let him forget about his own foibles. The prime minister has pointed that he is no "Captain Perfect," whoever that is. We're sure he's the only man in Australia to ever have gotten drunk at a strip club! Concludes an AP article, "Australians are relatively tolerant of excessive drinking. Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke held a Guinness World Record for speed beer drinking during his days as a Rhodes Scholar." [Associated Press]