Mark Zuckerberg's Sister Is Out at Facebook

Ryan Tate · 08/03/11 06:17PM

After advocating the end of anonymity, Randi Zuckerberg slipped a bit further into it, leaving her job at Facebook. Let's hope her stock options were vested. Also in today's Valleywag roundup, more Airbnb complaints from readers, Yahoo Mail went down, and Ashton Kutcher was shown up on Twitter.

Tech's Winners and Losers of 2010

Ryan Tate · 12/28/10 01:00PM

Technology seemed especially relevant in 2010, what with The Social Network's blockbuster receipts and mass mania for Apple's iPad and iPhone 4. The newfound attention helped turned some techies into genuine stars — while lending others real worldwide infamy.

How To Make a Killing While Your Startup Burns

Ryan Tate · 09/07/10 04:05PM

Give Kevin Rose credit: The Digg CEO keeps a cool head. "Gotta take risk" was the tech playboy's cheerful response to Digg's mounting problems today. His secret to staying relaxed: Extracurricular investments with buddies hedge Rose well against Digg's death.

A Turning Point for Digg

Ryan Tate · 08/31/10 06:22PM

Enjoy the fine mess, Matt Williams. Digg's newly announced CEO has the privilege of cleaning up after a redesign that has users up in arms, the social news site scrambling to add back old features, and rival Reddit surging.

Twitter Slammed by Summer Doldrums

Ryan Tate · 07/31/09 01:12PM

Lately it seems like everyone on Twitter is dropping the ball. Too little chatter and too much "living" of "lives." So we ran a very scientific survey and discovered that, yes, basically everyone missed their numbers this month. The shamed:

After Jimmy Fallon, Is Kevin Rose's Buddy Act Over?

Owen Thomas · 03/12/09 03:02AM

Did you hear? Digg founder Kevin Rose was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday. As was Rose's forgettable Diggnation cohost — what's his name? Ah, yes — Alex Albrecht, who we hear wants out.