Caleigh Perelman Passes On Vacation With Mom

cityfile · 08/01/08 05:30AM
  • Caleigh Perelman is still refusing to talk to her mom Pat Duff, or even go on vacation with her. Now a judge is warning Ron Perelman not to interfere with their phone calls and visits. He also ordered Caleigh to undergo a psychological evaluation before the couple return to court next month. [NYDN]


Hamilton Nolan · 07/28/08 10:28AM

Brooklyn Paper headline on a Brooklyn Hasidic group's upcoming endorsement of Kevin Powell for Congress: "Hasids to Powell: Jew have our support." Get it? [BP]

Dave Chappelle Fundraiser Turns Out Even Worse Than You Could Imagine

Hamilton Nolan · 07/10/08 09:48AM

Bad news for Real World cast member-turned Congressional candidate (D-Pop Culture) Kevin Powell: Dave Chappelle totally spaced out on Powell's fundraiser in Brooklyn last night, costing him the crucial Chappelle-fan vote! The comedian was supposed to headline the fundraising show, but never appeared, possibly because he is crazy. Then Chris Rock refused to go on too, in solidarity! And it only got worse for Powell: a drunk journalist, for chrissake, tried to grab the mic and steal the show [UPDATE: And there's a video!]:

The Real World: Congress

Hamilton Nolan · 07/09/08 08:26AM

Is America ready for a Real World cast member to serve in Congress? Don't worry, it's just Kevin, from season one! Back then Kevin Powell was sporting a high top and being the serious guy in the New York house with Heather B and the southern girl and the model guy and the other guy. Now, Powell has shaved his head and declared his candidacy for Congress from Brooklyn. And if young people can't relate to this guy, all hope for political engagement is lost. Observe Powell's stellar set of pop culture credentials: