Technorati, explained in its own words

Nick Douglas · 08/28/06 07:08PM

Ever wonder how Technorati actually works? (Or how charming engineer Kevin Marks's accent sounds?) Some friends of the blog search company videotaped Marks (pictured) and fellow Technorati employees Ryan King, Tantek elik, Liz Dunn, and others explaining inbound links, tagging, how a blog gets ranked, and other technical intricacies.

Geekout: Quite a Stirr, Om sweet Om

Nick Douglas · 08/10/06 08:38PM

What's a little startup to do when it's invited to two schmoozetastic parties in one night? Send the CEO to one and the marketing director to the other, natch. Yes, more than one startup actually did this (and several others hit both parties despite the hour commute) last night with Palo Alto's Stirr Mixer and Om Malik's GigaOM party.

Geek out: Valleywag's first SloshCon is a sozzled success

Nick Douglas · 06/09/06 11:45PM

Valleywag's first SloshCon at the House of Shields was so successful that my hangover's having baby hangovers. Remember the live-audience interviews and speeches on the game plan? Scrapped. We didn't want to ruin the vibe (half the crowd had arrived in the first 20 minutes), so we all kept on drinking and bullshitting one-on-one. (Top photo by Jeremiah Owyang)

ETech talk roundup

ndouglas · 03/08/06 09:33PM

Deep into the quest to make actually attending the ETech conference unnecessary, attendees recap everything for the rest of us:

Geeking out: ETech 2006

ndouglas · 03/07/06 02:37PM

The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference (or ETech for the impatient) is in full swing today, after a rousing start on Monday. The event sold out ages ago, but through the magic of Scott Beale's photography, we can pretend we made it in. (If you want to pretend you met Cory Doctorow and he loved your sci-fi story idea, have that fantasy on your own.) Here are highlights from Scott's meticulous Monday photojournalism.