Kevin Costner Rescued by Quentin Tarantino

Richard Lawson · 07/18/11 04:59PM

A faded American favorite is getting a second chance, from the famous giver of second chances. Also today: bad news about Charlie Sheen, good news about a ghost story, and Breaking Bad breaks out.

MTV Finds Its Next Teenage Prey

Richard Lawson · 05/24/11 04:50PM

The ravenous MTV network, always hungry for sweet teen blood, has found its next victims. Also today: Fox rules and other networks drool, Matthew Modine is rescued from oblivion, and Kevin Costner is headed into it.

The Humble Return of Ashley Judd

Richard Lawson · 02/21/11 05:00PM

The brainiac renegade from Southern royalty is back in a big(ish) leading role. Also today: lots of TV pilot casting news, as it is the season for that, plus a rumor about the upcoming Superman movie that will have you banging a tin cup on the table in excitement.

Movie FAIL: Bull Durham's Most Obvious Mistakes

Matt Toder · 10/15/10 02:08PM

The American League Championship Series kicks off tonight, we're in the mood for baseball and there's no better baseball flick than Bull Durham. But, just because it's great doesn't mean it's perfect. A collection of its most obvious mistakes inside.

Blinded Me with Science

Brian Moylan · 06/09/10 06:45PM

[Kevin Costner testified before the House Committee on Science and Technology today. He talked about his Ocean Therapy Solutions water purifiers could possibly clean up the BP oil spill. Really. Image via Getty]

The Death of Michael Jackson: The Day After

cityfile · 06/26/09 05:14AM

• An autopsy is scheduled to be performed on Michael Jackson this morning; just when the results will be back isn't clear. Meanwhile, attention is being focused on the drugs Jackson may have been taking just before he went into cardiac arrest yesterday, a "cocktail" that may have included the powerful narcotic Demerol. [AP, NYP, Sun, TMZ]
• Naturally, Jackson's death has led just about every living celebrity to issue a statement, extend condolences, and/or use otherwise clog up Twitter with some sort of thought on Jackson's passing. [People, Mirror, NYP]
• Jackson was reportedly $500 million in debt when he died. [NYP]
• As for how Jackson's kids are coping with the news, they're supposedly "very upset" but "fine," whatever that means. But no one knows who will take custody of them or if Jackson left behind and instructions. [Sun]
• In the meantime, Jackson's fans have been holding vigils outside the hospital where his body is located, outside the Neverland Ranch, and in front of his childhood home in Gary, Indiana, among other places. [TMZ, TMZ]