Kerry Washington's Latest Chance

Richard Lawson · 10/26/11 05:01PM

The perpetually up-and-coming actress gets another shot at the big leagues. Also today: Showtime wisely renews their best show, Jennifer Coolidge gets grunt work, and MTV says goodbye to some friends.

Texas Completely Destroyed In Tragic Event

Richard Lawson · 09/21/10 03:06PM

Yup, it just got blown away. Sorry folks, but the ratings don't lie. Also today: Tonnnns of casting news, from monster movies to sex movies to wife movies. Plus some gay Glee scuttlebutt.

Anna Wintour Is Now a Presidential Appointee

Brian Moylan · 11/03/09 05:50PM

No, she is not leaving Vogue, no she is not moving to D.C., no she has not been installed as the monarch of some European country. She's just on the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/30/09 07:36AM

Publicist (and new mom) Lizzie Grubman turns 38 today. Dick Cheney turns 68. Christian Bale is 35. Gene Hackman is 79. Wilmer Valderrama turns 29. Vanessa Redgrave is 72. Phil Collins is turning 58. Theater impresarios Harold Prince and Bernard Gersten are 81 and 86, respectively. NHL star Chris Simon is 37. Singer/songwriter Josh Kelley is 29. Weekend birthdays—including that of Andre Balazs—after the jump.

Celebrity Punditry Now Easier, More Earnest Than Ever

STV · 02/28/08 12:42PM

Are you famous, but famously uninformed? Been nursing your platitudes lest your pet cause found its way to the B-list in this election year? Help is on the way: In a press release distributed this morning, Creative Coalition executive director Robin Bronk offers her special brand of Earnest Celebrity Issue Counseling for all your 2008 campaign preening: