U.S., Russia Reach a Tentative Deal to Calm Tensions Over Ukraine

Adam Weinstein · 04/17/14 12:19PM

Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met and agreed on a plan this afternoon that aims at de-escalating the rising war of words over Ukraine, backing off of military options, and letting the nation determine its own destiny.

​Kerry Arrives in Kiev as Putin Says Force Will Be "Last Resort"

Taylor Berman · 03/04/14 08:50AM

On Tuesday, Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Kiev—$1 billion in guaranteed loans for Ukraine in tow—as Russian President Putin backtracked somewhat, saying military force would be used only as a "last resort," though he maintained the right to use "all options" in the crisis. Meanwhile, the Crimean prime minister told reporters that the majority of Ukrainian troops in Crimea have either surrendered or pledged allegiance to his government.