Outlaw Anonymous Posts, Says KentuckLawMan4367

Hamilton Nolan · 03/10/08 10:06AM

A state legislator in Kentucky has proposed a bill that would make it illegal for anyone to post anonymous comments on websites, setting penalties as high as $1000 per violation [WTVQ]. Representative Tim Couch (NOT the former NFL quarterback by the same name, unfortunately—this is the Tim Couch of "Self-employed, Hyden Grocery, Couch's Shell.") says that the bill would cut down on online bullying, which has "especially been a problem in his Eastern Kentucky district." Try life in New York City, motherfucker! Considering that a law like this would bankrupt hundreds of world's largest blogs overnight, as well as flagrantly violate the First Amendment, we'll probably not lend our support. Want to weigh in? Why not send Rep. Couch a letter, or just give him a call at his home number? It's listed on his website, consistent man that he is: