Dayna Evans · 05/03/14 12:34PM

Text sent from today's Kentucky Derby and big hat parade in Louisville, KY: "omg Scarlett-Leigh, my hat is going over so well @ the derbs." Photo via David Goldman/AP

CEO Ready To Sponsor Event Where Nothing Dies

Hamilton Nolan · 05/07/08 10:22AM

You like to play with the pretty horses? Step away, until you pony up some cash, ha. High profile horse racing has become an entirely corporate marketing-driven spectacle, where horses are sponsored by UPS and owned by hedge funds. The big sponsor of the Kentucky Derby is YUM Brands, owner of Taco Bell and KFC. Who could embody the noble spirit of galloping stallions better than the nation's leading purveyor of Mexican Pizzas? Anyhow, YUM's CEO, David Novak, found out the perils of sponsoring an event with live animals when a horse up and died on the track at the Derby last weekend. With no idea what was happening, Novak stepped up moments later and gave his little speech plugging his company, which has proven to the world that he hates dead ponies:

See a Man About a Horse

Pareene · 05/02/08 04:53PM

The Kentucky Derby is coming up. You don't know shit about racing. But you love betting on things! Who to wager this weekend's drug money on? Allow Jeff Johnson and Pavement's Bob Nostanovich to help. [Vice]