Cue The Sad Smooth-Jazz Saxophone: Kenny G's Marriage Is Kaput

A.J. Daulerio · 01/19/12 07:41PM

Mr. G's wife decides that 20 years of marriage was enough, according to TMZ. "The last few years I felt like I was trapped in a St. Petersburg hotel elevator from 1989 ," I wish his wife told TMZ. Unfortunately, she did not. Those females interested in snagging the newly single Mr. G should inquire about his upcoming Alaskan Cruise for a chance to spend some quality time with him, possibly even an igloo orgy. [photo: Ask Men]

Weezer & Kenny G: Together at Last

Mike Byhoff · 11/04/09 11:00AM

Some enjoy singing in the shower to Weezer's straight forward geek rock. Some prefer taking a relaxing bath while listening to Kenny G. Well now it looks like you're going to have to take a bath with the shower on.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 06/05/09 06:41AM

Suze Orman turns 58 today. Billionaire financier Pete Peterson is turning 83. Teen Vogue editor Amy Astley is 42. Post columnist Andrea Peyser is turning 50. Journalist Bill Moyers is 75. Mark Wahlberg is turning 38. Pete Wentz is 30. Author Chuck Klosterman is 37. Comedian Jeff Garlin is 46. Laurie Anderson, the musician and wife of Lou Reed, is 62. Actor Ron Livingston is turning 42. Art advisor Kim Heirston turns 46. Housing Works president Charles King is 50. Kristin Gore, the author and daughter of Al Gore, turns 32. Movie producer Kathleen Kennedy is 56. And Kenny G celebrates his 53rd birthday today. Weekend birthdays below:

Will Smith To Infiltrate China, Usher In New Era Of Cultural Openness

mark · 12/20/07 03:15PM

· Studios are reviving Hollywood's love affair with the Super Bowl's TV audience, with at least eight movie commercials scheduled to air during the game—at a record price of $2.7-3 million per 30 seconds. Cinematic product you'll be sold in between supposedly clever ads for watery domestic beer: Iron Man, Will Smith's Hancock, and Will Ferrell's Semi Pro. [Variety]
· The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp forecasts that the writers strike will cost the local economy $220 million each month it drags on, and has already caused $342 million in "lost wages and ripple effects" on related businesses. Now we all have a staggering dollar amount to attach to our free-floating strike dread. [THR]