Goodbye and Good Riddance, The Hangover

Rich Juzwiak · 05/24/13 10:20AM

In my experience, the Hangover movies are mildly amusing when they aren't despicable. They are founded on a clever premise (retracing the steps of the blackout night before). They relish the joy and profound weirdness that stupidity can produce. They touch on relevant cultural practices and obsessions like eternal adolescence, bro culture, the mispronunciation of words and asshole-spotting.

Your New Steven Spielberg Has Almost Arrived

Richard Lawson · 06/13/11 10:30AM

With the modest success of his latest, Spielbergiest movie, J.J. Abrams is close to ascendancy. The same cannot necessarily be said for the new X-Men, but inexplicably can about The Hangover Part II.

Ken Jeong is the World's Funniest Sous-Chef

Morgan Barry · 11/10/10 12:26PM

This morning Ken Jeong, everyone's favorite Spanish teacher, stopped by the Rachael Ray Show to promote Community. In a delightful twist he decided to stick around a bit longer for the cooking segment. Watch and enjoy the awesomeness that followed.

Watch Ken Jeong and Dwight Howard's Two-Minute Adidas Commercial

Christopher Han · 10/08/10 12:20PM

Time to get fancy and bring out your solid-gold everything. Dwight playing the piano and serenading Ken with a ballad! Ken ("Slim Chin") posing for the camera with a cheetah! Apparently this is going to sell a lot of shoes.

Community's Theme Song Gets a Friends Revamp

Whitney Jefferson · 03/02/10 01:19PM

If Community's theme song was more similar to this, do you think it would have a better viewership? Here's a mashup of the classic Friends intro with our favorite Community College friends.