Anne Hathaway Is Engaged to a Normal

Maureen O'Connor · 11/29/11 10:57AM

After three years of dating a real, live celebrity Adam Shulman puts a ring on it. Hugh Jackman's wife complains about his gay rumors. Demi Moore "steps out" with a man. Kim Kardashian gives up on "fairy tale" love. Tuesday gossip is something blue.

Celebrity Wife Swap Is the Latest Nadir of American Television

Richard Lawson · 05/04/11 04:30PM

It's been said of many a reality television show before, but might Celebrity Wife Swap finally destroy us? Also today: Snow White finds her prince, Project Runway brings back some old friends, and, what's this, NBC might actually have a popular show??

Kelly Preston Explains Her Totally Not Creepy 'Silent Birth'

Max Read · 01/20/11 12:49AM

Actress Kelly Preston just gave birth to the spawn of actor John Travolta. In complete silence. But it's not weird at all! As Preston explained on the Today show, it's all part of Scientology's very scientific theories about, uh, something.

Travoltas Debut Show Tune Loving Scientology Super Baby

Maureen O'Connor · 01/12/11 10:44AM

John Travolta sings show tunes to his new son. Kate Hudson is pregnant. Tia Mowry is pregnant. Olivia Munn's see-through panties are getting people worked up. Wednesday gossip is all babies, all the time, with a side of sex.

Nicki Minaj Partied So Hard, Her Dress Exploded Off Her Body

Maureen O'Connor · 01/04/11 10:44AM

Nicki busts a move and her dress. John Travolta goes on a boys-only ski vacation. Michael Phelps and Pauly D share a girlfriend. Gwyneth discusses feeling "like a zombie." Tuesday gossip wishes it were a nip slip.

Kanye West Needs to Stop Talking Forever and Other Mandates

Richard Lawson · 11/24/10 10:54AM

The man just can't go a day without saying something annoying. Also today: You actually might get invited to the Wedding of the Century, Kim Kardashian is totally doing things, and an in-depth analysis of the Bristol Palin affair.

The Secret Sex Life of John Travolta

Brian Moylan · 11/19/10 02:57PM

Author Robert Randolph has been talking to the tabloids about John Travolta's habit of hooking up with men at Los Angeles saunas. Most media outlets, however, were too shy to delve into the steamy details. We're not quite as timid.

Angelina Jolie Laughs Like This: 'Uh-huh-huh-heh-heh-heh'

Maureen O'Connor · 11/12/10 11:07AM

The most beautiful woman in the world has the ugliest laugh. Justin Bieber sprains his knee. Lindsay Lohan forgoes painkillers. Katy Perry's married life is like "a sitcom." Friday gossip needs a better laugh track.

Jason Lee's Ex-Wife Blasts Scientology, Travoltas, and Cruises

Maureen O'Connor · 04/03/10 02:34PM

Carmen Llewellyn says Scientology "ruined my life and my career. I ended up addicted to painkillers." She blames Scientology for Tom Cruise's divorce from "Suppressive Person" Nicole Kidman and says the Travoltas hid their son Jett from the church.


cityfile · 02/04/10 10:25AM

Kate Winslet shopping in SoHo with her son ... Jonathan Rhys Meyers walking into the Mercer Hotel with girlfriend Reena Hammer ... Bono and wife Ali Hewson at a bakery on Madison Avenue ... Channing Tatum getting in an SUV at JFK ... Ashley Olsen arriving at ABC studios for an appearance on Good Morning America ... Blake Lively carrying her dog inside her coat on the set of Gossip Girl ... Paris Hilton getting out of a car in front of the Late Show with David Letterman ... Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz attending a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden ... and John Travolta leaving the Plaza with Kelly Preston and daughter Ella.


cityfile · 02/03/10 11:09AM

John Travolta arriving at the Palm steakhouse in Midtown yesterday only to find it closed ... Courtney Love heading into the Mercer Hotel in SoHo ... Alessandra Ambrosio walking with husband Jamie Mazur in the West Village ... Jon Bon Jovi shopping with wife Dorothea in SoHo ... Kelly Preston leaving the Plaza Hotel with her daughter and a friend ... Sarah Jessica Parker walking with son James in the Village ... Bruce Jenner making his way through JFK dressed in his finest track suit ... Chace Crawford on the set of Gossip Girl ... and Josh Hartnett hailing a cab on Hudson Street.

Tiger and Elin Hang On; The Return of Jersey Shore?

cityfile · 01/27/10 08:21AM

• Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods may remain married, after all. Tiger supposedly wants to keep the relationship together because he "wants to go back to being a golf star with major endorsements," and is hoping to convince people he's "a good family man." (Good luck with that.) As for Nordegren, she'd like to make the marriage work for the sake of their two kids and is willing to stick with Woods "even if she and Tiger live together as friends instead of lovers." This all sounds incredibly promising, doesn't it? [People, NYDN]
• Exciting news, Jersey Shore fans: MTV and the cast of the hit show are said to be close to ironing out their differences over pay, and the fist-pumping and fake tanning may return to the air as soon as this summer. [Variety]
• In other Shore news, someone is shopping around naked photos of Jenni "J-Woww" Farley despite the fact that there's very little of her body that we haven't already seen. And Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi thinks of herself as "too classy" to be seen in the vicinity of Jerry Springer. [Radar, P6]
• What's going on with Brad and Angelina? According to one report, the couple did meet meet with a lawyer last week, but it was to do a little estate planning and "protect their children and property in case there's a rift in the future," not because they're actually planning to divorce. Then again a source tells E! that Brad Pitt hasn't been showering much recently and smells "like a wandering homeless person," which probably doesn't bode well. [NYDN, People, E!]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/13/09 07:22AM

Sacha Baron Cohen turns 38 today. Ashanti is turning 29. Paul Simon is 68. Kelly Preston is turning 47. Kate Walsh of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice is 42. Model Beverly Johnson is 57. Ivan Bart, the head of IMG Models, is turning 46. Billionaire Tom Tisch turns 55. Mega art dealer William Acquavella is 72. Sammy Hagar of Van Halen is 62. Access Hollywood's Billy Bush is turning 38. George Bush's former spokesman, Ari Fleischer, is 49. Marie Osmond is 50. Retired NFL star Jerry Rice is 47. Serena Altschul, the former MTV VJ and CBS News correspondent, is 39. Margaret Thatcher is 84. And Donald Trump's least famous child, Tiffany Trump, celebrates her 16th birthday today.