After Failing Her Drug Test, Lindsay Lohan Went Partying

Maureen O'Connor · 09/20/10 08:45AM

Lindsay Lohan spent Yom Kippur atoning and partying. George Clooney meets his girlfriend's parents. Bruno Mars arrested for drug possession. Tom Cruise's Top Gun love interest gets gay-married.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/09/09 06:33AM

Courtney Love turns 45 today. Tom Hanks is turning 53. Jack White is 34. Jimmy Smits is 54. Floyd Abrams, the famed First Amendment attorney (and father of Dan), turns 73. Author/neurologist Oliver Sacks is turning 76. Former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld is 77. ACLU honcho Anthony Romero is 44. AIDS activist Mathilde Krim is turning 83. Architect Michael Graves turns75. Actor Chris Cooper is 58. Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen turns 38. Author Dean Koontz is 64. Fred Savage of Wonder Years fame turns 33. Actress Kelly McGillis is 52. And OJ Simpson is celebrating his 62nd birthday behind bars today.

Oversexed 'Top Gun' BBQ Joint Succumbs to Great Balls of Fire

STV · 06/27/08 03:40PM

Join us today in mourning a true, trashy landmark among film locations, which Top Gun immortalized with a simple declaration of lust 22 years ago and which a fire completely gutted Thursday afternoon. Yes, folks, San Diego's Kansas City BBQ — where Tom Cruise warbled, ahem, "Great Balls of Fire" to Kelly McGillis and where Meg Ryan ordered Anthony Edwards to "take me to bed or lose me forever" — is but a charred, smoky memory: