Kelly Clarkson's Skull Briefly In Danger Of Penetration By Hair Metal Shredder

mark · 08/17/06 02:08PM

Inaugural American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson's Monday night appearance with local hair metal comedy act Metal Skool seems a little too well-photographed to have been spontaneous, despite her almost convincing, "Gee whiz, I was just minding my own business here in my sweater vest and suddenly I'm on stage, chugging Chivas from the bottle, and playing the air-nipples" act, but this video of the possibly choreographed cameo is worth watching just to hear guitarist Satchel's come-on/threat of "I will fuck your skull" in the opening seconds, a line that Simon Cowell will surely appropriate for the next season of Idol. (Video possibly NSFW due to the shouting of various profanities, so be forewarned.)