Drunk People in Stealing Stuff Shocker

Ravi Somaiya · 02/16/10 07:13AM

The New York Post report that 24 murals and paintings went missing from a party at the Hudson Hotel last week. The pieces, as large at 6 feet across and valued at $3000 and up, were taken around 2am.

IBM running out of ideas

Paul Boutin · 11/17/08 12:52PM

The company whose "Think" slogan became a generational buzzword isn't doing so well with the brand identity campaigns lately. A tipster points out that IBM's latest mouthful of a proverb, "A mandate for change is a mandate for smart," comes illustrated with what looks exactly like a 1981 Keith Haring drawing rinsed of its pizazz. The accompanying essay reads like Kevin Kelly in Wired circa 1993. I stopped reading when I got to the claim, "Smart healthcare systems can lower the cost of therapy by as much as 90%." Call me when that's ready.

The Psychology Of Condom Art

Hamilton Nolan · 06/09/08 09:21AM

Legends Rubbers, a small Australian company that sells its condoms in retro-looking tins for the cool effect, made national news by signing up controversial sex-positive artist Hazel Dooney to design some tins for them. It's not the first time prophylactics have collided with the art world; Keith Haring himself "considered ideas for designing condoms," and condoms are a staple medium for a certain breed of working artist. Sex-themed art as a marketing tool seems like a natural fit. And now, a new psychological study confirms its wisdom. Why "dirty thoughts" make men buy things—and a few of Dooney's (racy) past works—after the jump.