Early 'Basterds' Outtake Promises Graphic, Tarantinoesque Drink-Spitting

STV · 11/14/08 01:02PM

Never mind our concerns about Inglourious Basterds [sic] being the equivalent of a World War II-themed Abercrombie & Fitch shoot; a new video leaked from the set reassures us that Quentin Tarantino is upholding only the most rigorous authenticity standards from the era. For starters, the auteur teaches a pair of actors proper drink-spitting methods of the Third Reich — not to be confused with the straight-spined expectoration perfected by the British, or the far more complex "Kamikaze Spray" that Japanese pilots blew in their own faces during suicide missions over the Pacific. And to their credit, the Nazi pupils pick the technique up quickly and proficiently, reassuring us that Tarantino hasn't lost a step with actors, Kill Bill 2 notwithstanding. This is why he's paid the big bucks. [YouTube]

Everyone In America Trolls TSA Blog

Pareene · 02/01/08 05:16PM

Those wacky shoe-screening cards at the TSA started a blog! It's got a catchy name ("Evolution of Security"), a thriller trailer tagline ("Terrorist Evolve. Threats Evolve. Security Must Stay Ahead. You Play a Part." COMING THIS FALL.), and incredibly bitchy comments. Like "DHS and TSA are fundamentally broken. Disband both immediately and return our civil liberties." That's one of the mild ones! They deleted most of the not mild ones. Also it's hosted on Blogger. Some more entertaining of the remaining comments, below. [ThinkProgress, WP]