Who knew sharing music was illegal? Not the Santangelo family

Mary Jane Irwin · 08/17/07 01:01PM

Patricia Santangelo made headlines as the first person to go to court with the RIAA instead of timidly settling charges of copyright infringement. In April, her lawsuit was dismissed. But instead of quietly forgetting the entanglement, the RIAA decided to go after Patricia's children, Michelle and Robert, for alleged illegal file-sharing. Now for the fun twist. The Santangelos are looking to name Kazaa operator Sharman Networks and AOL, the family's Internet service provider, as third-party defendants in the case Elektra v. Santangelo.

Loose Wires: This emo kid is getting sued

Nick Douglas · 11/01/06 09:15PM
  • Reflecting on an interview with TechCrunch blogger Michael Arrington, a Reddit co-founder says the site "isn't serious" — and no one inside the tech bubble understands that. [Raw Thought]