The Bitchiest Business Magazine In America

Hamilton Nolan · 06/16/08 10:03AM

BusinessWeek Magazine sure is one big hellhole, judging strictly by the internal backstabbing, sniping, and intra-office gossip wars that go on there. The latest scathing editorial criticism comes in the form of a comment on a blog interview of BW.com editor John Byrne. A helpful reader takes the opportunity to point out that Byrne's predecessor was the widely despised Kathy Rebello, infamous for once hyping stories on her own site with praise from a fake commenter. Also discussed by the angry commenter: a celebrity gossip-refugee news editor with a shelf full of Barbie dolls, and a napkin-folding Rebello underling who fetched his boss water on command (we need one of those!). The provocative comment-along with some context from a BW insider, and our request for more information-after the jump.

'BusinessWeek' In The Age Of Lifestyle Porn And 'Portfolio'

Doree · 03/26/07 12:32PM

The inmates at BusinessWeek Online are getting restless—and not just because one of the mag's staffers isn't using toilet paper! Some of them, at least, are hoping that the break that BusinessWeek.com Editor-in-Chief (and mag Executive Editor) Kathy Rebello is taking to tend to family in Oregon is a permanent one. We vividly remember Kathy Rebello, because she brought in former Forbes.com editor Charles Dubow as New Products Director, and he's the freak who wrote that memo instructing the copy desk not to change the headlines on which he worked so very hard. Now a source reports that Rebello "has been placed indefinitely on ice."