Christina Aguilera Got Drunk Last Night, and Other Halloween Frights

Maureen O'Connor · 11/01/10 09:34AM

Aguilera was a sexy cop for Halloween. Paris Hilton and Rachel Zoe were sexy Native Americans. Fearing his client's impending death, Charlie Sheen's manager makes a home visit. Portia de Rossi once weighed 82 lbs. Monday's gossip roundup needs candy.

David Paterson Finds Acceptance In the Hamptons

cityfile · 08/25/09 11:58AM

Last Friday, David Paterson insinuated that he was the victim of racial bias, suggesting that a racially motivated campaign had been organized to keep him from running for governor this fall. A good deal of criticism immediately followed (and today Paterson attempted to back away from his remarks). But if Paterson had been planning to stick with that line of attack over the weekend and possibly coordinate a march on Albany with Al Sharpton, well, that doesn't appear to have been on his agenda. A few hours after raising the race issue on Friday, he cruised out to Water Mill to attend a country western-themed fundraiser at the home of author Jay McInerney and heiress Anne Hearst, where he had an opportunity to play a little charity blackjack with the likes of Kathy Hilton and Countess Luann de Lesseps. And you were thinking that the Hamptons tended to be exclusionary! A few more photos of Gov. Paterson's fun-filled Friday night below.

The Thursday Party Report

cityfile · 05/28/09 03:30PM

The downtown Armory played host to the 37th annual Fragrance Foundation FiFi Awards last night. A big bunch of celebs and designerswere on hand as Marc Jacobs was inducted into the foundation's Hall of Fame, including fellow award winners like Diddy and Paris, as well as Queen Latifah, Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer, Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Gottsegen, Hilary Rhoda, Kendu Isaacs and Mary J. Blige, Kathy and Rick Hilton, Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler, Harry and Laura Slatkin, John Demsey, Linda Wells, Doug Reinhardt, Tracy Reece, Nacho and Delfina Figueras, Kate Walsh, Samantha Harris, Tova and Ernest Borgnine, and Jacobs's fiancé, Lorenzo Martone. [PMc, WWD, Vogue UK, VF, NYO, Wireimage]

Summer at the Hiltons, Price Cut on East 64th

cityfile · 04/06/09 07:45AM

• Want to rent Rick and Kathy Hilton's house in Water Mill for the summer? The 10,000-square-foot, six-bedroom home, which the Hiltons purchased for $2.385 million in 1999, is currently listed for $400,000 for season. [Newsday]
• Flavio Briatore, the Italian mogul and Heidi Klum's baby daddy, has put his apartment at the Plaza up for rent for $65,000 a month. It's not the only property he has on the market: He's been trying to unload a penthouse at One Beacon Court for $25 million since September. [NYT, Domus]
• George Hirsch, the founding publisher of New York who paid $2.7 million for an apartment at 111 Central Park North in 2007, has sold his former home at 246 East 32nd Street for $2.88 million. [Cityfile]
• The 10,000-square-foot mansion at 54 East 64th Street, which was once home to the offices of the Observer, has undergone a $9 million price cut. It's now listed for $27 million. [NYO, Sotheby's]

Kathy Hilton Tells John McCain to Shut His Stupid, Crusty Face

ian spiegelman · 08/03/08 03:38PM

How much of a silly old ass do you have to be to get me to side with the terrible, slithering Hilton Clan? About the size of John McCain, I'd wager. The war-loving Republican nominee's ad comparing Senator Barack Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears (watch it here) has gotten Paris' mom Kathy Hilton to write a terse response today. Well, she likely had someone else write it, but still.

Make A Sick Child's Wishes Come True By Bidding On Mel Gibson's Pants

seth · 12/21/07 05:15PM

Not since Sharon Stone shrinkwrapped her below-the-belt Basic Instinct co-star for a gala fundraiser has the Make-A-Wish Foundation had such an exciting, celebrity-pants-related opportunity. Kathy Hilton has spent the holiday amassing an impressive collection of celebrity memorabilia for an eBay auction benefiting the dream-fulfilling children's charity, including a pair of stonewashed dungarees worn and signed by Mel Gibson.

Hilton's Lynwood Jail Now Offering 'Platinum Club Inmate Points' Redeemable For Exciting Upgrades

mark · 06/15/07 12:57PM

While Paris Hilton's ongoing incarceration is tragically delaying her intention to emerge from prison the Nelson Mandela of the bottle-service set, her mere presence at the Century Regional Detention Facility is already improving conditions for her fellow detainees. Initially, we scoffed at Kathy Hilton's suggestion that her daughter's "whole ordeal can shed light on other people (in jail)," but the Access Hollywood testimony of a recent inmate reveals that Paris's stay has resulted in the immediate doubling of prioners' PBJ and bologna sandwich allotment and unexpected early releases; at this rate, by the end of the noble prison-reformer's sentence, the Lynwood "Hilton Suite" will be offering three gourmet meals per day, bunk-bed turndown service, and hot rock massages to all guests who volunteer to extend their stays.

Page Six Mag: For the Kathy Hilton Lover in Us All

Jessica · 09/14/06 01:11PM

As promised, the 2nd installment of Page Six: the Magazine hit the stands today, and if you can get past the opening Jessica Joffe/Banana Republic spread (and the ads on practically every other page), you'll find a flimsy magazine full of all sorts of litterbox treats. There's plenty of pictures of celebs reading the Post, an odd quote from James Ellroy about how he likes to scratch himself and, best of all, an article on how everyone loves the show Ugly Betty — which is good, because the issue also features a full-page Ugly Betty ad. Well-played, really.

Remainders: Kathy Hilton's Motherly Nipple

Jessica · 01/16/06 05:25PM

• Kathy Hilton takes a tip from daughter Paris and goes for the midlife-crisis nip-slip. Click to enlarge (NSFW) and shudder. [Jossip]
• Sharp eyes may have noted that Vogue editbeast Anna Wintour's stepson, Samuel Shaffer, was married last Thursday to Kathryn Neale, a freelance writer. Let's hope Ms. Neale freelances enough to finance enough couture to wardrobe a lifetime of dinners with the in-laws. (Also, the wedding was in New Zealand, which explains the shocked emails we got from random Kiwi readers who thought they were hallucinating visions of Chanel tweed.) [NYT]
• And, as long as we're in the Styles section, yes, we too endured the article on teen clubs, featuring barely-legal "promoter" and Grubman PR intern Lexi Lehman. Could she reach media saturation before her 18th birthday? [NYT]
• Everyone's favorite blogging stripper, Mimi in NY, does her thing for the UK Sun. We find her graduation pictures from Cambridge particularly interesting; it's interesting what a blog and a gig at Scores does for to your appearance. [Sun UK]
• Slate hed writers go for the lowest common denominator and ask, "Are teachers who sleep with their students getting off?" Well, for all that trouble, we should hope so. [Slate]
• You'll find a lot of crap on the subway, but only the truly blessed find a bag full of Adderall and condoms. [Craigslist]

Kathy and Rick Hilton Close Down Marquee

Jessica · 08/24/05 08:45AM

It's not strange to see Nicky Hilton and Kevin Connolly at Chelsea megaplex Marquee at 3 AM. It is, however, rather strange to see them partying at said hour with Nicky's parents. Seriously: What were Kathy and Rick Hilton doing at Marquee at 3 AM on a recent school night? (Not that they'd be any less out of place on a weekend.) Does this strike anyone else as strange? The Hiltons are hardly parental types, but the thought of Kathy dancing on a banquette at such a late hour still gives us chills. Call us conservative, but we like our parents asleep by 10 PM, passed out on the couch in front of the History Channel, right where they belong.

Gossip Roundup: Amy Sacco, This Is Your Life

Jessica · 08/08/05 12:00PM

• Bungalow 8 and Bette restaurant owner Amy Sacco continues her quest for total domination: Sarah Jessica Parker's Prettymatches Productions (how cute) has signed a deal with HBO to produce a tv series based on Sacco's "story." [Page Six]
• Behold the power of Madonna, who's scored a major "get" by luring David and Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham into Kabbalah's shiny clutches. [Scoop]
• More thoughts on Bonnie Fuller, Abortionist: It's increasingly clear that Demi Moore was never pregnant and, as such, AMI publications were forced to cover their tracks and report a miscarriage. Classy! [Gatecrasher]
• Paris Hilton, it seems, has an imposter. Why anyone would want to masquerade as a mentally deficient harlot is beyond us. [R&M]
• Rick Hilton calls his wife Kathy "Mommy." Didn't need to know that, didja? [Page Six]

Short Ends: Lamas Chippendaled Out Of Playmate Wedding?

mark · 07/19/05 07:46PM

· "The two of us have chosen to take different paths, but will continue to support each other in the spirit of the goodness and light that brought us together." Commenting about the sudden, possibly stripper-induced cancellation of his client's wedding, Lorenzo Lamas's agent waxes surprisingly poetic. (Eh, you know his assistant wrote it.) Still, it's hard not to view any Lamas-related misfortune as karmic payback for Are You Hot?
· Kathy Hilton says what all of America's been thinking: "This show fucking sucks."
· Sienna Miller's mom doesn't know if her daughter and nanny-zapping fiancée Jude Law will reconcile, but allows that if she had a nanny that spicy, she'd have "hit it" too.
· For the record, Mia Farrow doesn't think that Roman Polanski hit on that Swedish chick, either.

The 'I Want to Be a Hilton' Sneak Peek You've Been Waiting For

Jesse · 07/19/05 12:31PM

Can't possibly wait for tonight to find out what happens on I Want to Be a Hilton? An anonymous (and, we know from experience, reliable) source was at the taping of the episode, and, Ellsbergianly, he violated his confidentiality agreement to bring this urgent update to Gawker readers:

A day in the lives of the Hilton women

Gawker · 01/28/03 11:58AM

Nicky Hilton, who is having her chihuahua dyed pink for an upcoming fashion show, on why she's designing handbags when she doesn't need the money: "I just wanted to do something for young girls. Not every girl can afford a Prada bag or a Gucci bag. They're fun yet sophisticated." How much? "Maybe $125 to $400." Mom Kathy brags about older daughter Paris's literary inclinations: "She said, `I've read two Jackie Collins books.'"
Chatty Kathy [NYT]

The Hiltons' Christmas buffet

Gawker · 12/05/02 03:56AM

David Patrick Columbia reports that Rick and Kathy Hilton, heirs to the Hilton Hotel empire and parents of Paris and Nicky, who are "very homey people" had their annual Christmas buffett tonight at their apartment in Waldorf Towers. DPC raves about the amazing "warmth" of the place and simplicity of the buffett, which is "just like your neighbors have." We're willing to stretch the definition of "homey," but not so much that it includes a Park Avenue mansion. And we're willing to stretch the definition of "warmth," but not so much that it includes "eats small orphan children for breakfast, but in a genuinely tender fashion and only behind closed doors." (Perhaps we exaggerate on that one.) We do admit, however, that there may some similarities between the Hiltons and our neighbors. Our neighbors, for example, also have annoyingly vapid daughters. Our neighbors also... Okay, so that's where the similarities stop. Note to DPC: Wipe your mouth. You're drooling.
New York was cold last night [New York Social Diary]