Kathy Griffin Is the Liza Minnelli of Dick Jokes

Michael Musto · 10/16/13 03:00PM

The mouth that roared, Kathy Griffin has pissed off Barbara Walters, offended Jesus freaks, and said “f**king” on TV, but she keeps on tr**king, more abrasively funny than ever. Chatty Kathy will appear at Carnegie Hall on November 8 as part of the Caroline Hirsch-founded New York Comedy Festival. En route, I strapped her down for some brazenly bitchy banter.

Female Comedians Respond To and Disprove That Pesky "Women Aren't Funny" Claim

Rich Juzwiak · 03/22/13 12:00PM

Last night, Showtime aired the documentary Why We Laugh: Funny Women, a follow-up to its 2009 doc Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy. Dozens of female comedians were interviewed for it, including titans like Joan Rivers, Whoopi Goldberg, Lily Tomlin, Aisha Tyler and Kathy Griffin, who riffed on what it's like to be a woman in what is still considered (by many of them even) to be a "masculine" job in a male-dominated field.

Watch Kathy Griffin Torture Anderson Cooper and Kiss his Crotch

MTanzer · 01/01/13 03:31PM

Kathy Griffin continued her annual New Years Eve tradition of making her CNN cohost Anderson Cooper squirm and giggle in front of the massive crowd in Times Square and the families watching at home. Cooper's coming out this year apparently had no effect on his attitude toward getting felt up by Griffin in public because he was just as red-faced as he was in years past.

Kathy Griffin's New Talk Show Is Surprisingly Delightful

Rich Juzwiak · 04/20/12 09:58AM

Last night, Bravo debuted Kathy Griffin's weekly talk show, Kathy, and it was not the disaster that such shows' first episodes often are. At one point, Griffin referred to her platform as "Kathy starring Kathy with me, Kathy," except that kind of egocentrism was mostly left to play out in her head. The format is conversational, with about half of the hour-long show taken up by a pop-culture/current-event chat with Griffin's three producer-talking heads (including Gawker friend Michelle Collins, who shone). Griffin isn't as showboaty or funny-hoarding as you might expect; she moderates well, riffs to enhance and gives praise when it's due (check out the props she gives Collins in the clip above). Kathy's like Real Time for pop-culture addicts. The skits were funny, another roundtable with her P.A.'s was also great and she had a segment with her mother, for those who care about that dynamic.

Kathy Griffin Recounts Her Chance Encounter with Michele Bachmann

Matt Cherette · 08/16/11 02:50AM

Kathy Griffin stopped by the set of Conan this evening and recounted an encounter she had with Michele Bachmann in Washington back in March. After first asking Bachmann if she'd be willing to support a rally to repeal don't ask don't tell, Griffin put the following question to the congresswoman and GOP presidential candidate: "Were you born a bigot or did you just, like, grow into it?" As you'll see in the clip above, Bachmann's response was pretty priceless.

The Worst Two Minutes of Piers Morgan's Interview with Kathy Griffin

Matt Cherette · 08/05/11 01:53AM

Say what you will about Larry King, but when he had Kathy Griffin on his show, there was chemistry. The same can't be said for Griffin and Piers Morgan, as we learned tonight during his painfully dull interview with the comedian on CNN. Video of the worst two minutes, featuring awkward sexual banter and an even more awkward kiss, is above.

Kathy Griffin Has Thoughts On Bristol Palin's New Chin

Whitney Jefferson · 06/16/11 04:08PM

In a preview clip from her upcoming comedy special Gurrl Down, Kathy Griffin takes on Bristol Palin's recent jaw surgery. Spoiler alert: Much like the rest of the world, Kathy doesn't believe the surgery was for "medical reasons."

All the Crazy Outfits from the CFDA Awards

Brian Moylan · 06/07/11 11:19AM

Last night was the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, which is like the Oscars of the fashion industry, except it wasn't televised, we didn't speculate about the winners for months on end, and there were even more gay men in attendance. Naturally, with anything fashion-related, there were a ton of wacky outfits. Let's look!

Glee: Original Recipe

Brian Moylan · 03/16/11 12:55PM

At their big Regional competition the New Directions introduced their first original songs. It was with great fear and trepidation we watched, because they were sure to be a disaster. We were all proven right—and wrong.

Kathy Griffin Invites Sarah Palin to Visit Her on Broadway

Madeleine Davies · 03/14/11 04:05PM

Today, Kathy Griffin stopped by Rachael Ray to promote her new Broadway show Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony. And what will get her the most prestigious award of the Great White Way? A visit from the Palin family, of course!

George Clooney Involved in Horrifying Italian Sex Murders

Richard Lawson · 01/05/11 04:45PM

Willingly involved! You never know a guy until you do, huh? Also today: A Ouija board movie directed by McG sure is going to be good, Camille Grammer is to retire on Frasier money, and Illeana Douglas news.