Catherine Zeta-Jones Will Sing and Dance Again

Richard Lawson · 04/20/11 04:58PM

We were worried about her there for a moment, but it looks like Velma Kelly is going to be A-OK, hoofing it once more in a big showy musical. Also today: bad news for Kathleen Turner, good news for some random child, and the best news for Gabourey Sidibe.

Cynthia Nixon Buys; Anderson Cooper Renovates

cityfile · 01/27/10 09:31AM

Cynthia Nixon and her fiancée, education activist Christine Marinoni, have picked up a new weekend home: The couple are putting down $1.7 million for a 1,400-square-foot waterfront cottage in Montauk. [Newsday]
• Investment banker Lewis van Amerongen has gone into contract to sell his five-story townhouse at 13 East 71st Street, six months after slashing the price of the home by $8 million. The townhouse had been listed most recently for $16.95 million. [Cityfile, BHS]
• Kathleen Turner has dropped the price of her home in Amagansett by $1 million. The six-bedroom house, which has been on-and-off the market since 2005, is now listed for $4.95 million. [Newsday, PDE]
• It looks like the recent rumors about Anderson Cooper moving to a former firehouse in Village were true. The CNN anchor picked up the 8,240-square-foot building on West 3rd Street in September for $4.3 million and is now reportedly in the process of renovating the century-old building. [NYP]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 06/19/09 06:30AM

Salman Rushdie turns 62 today. Buffed-up gym owner David Barton is 45. Money manager Mario Gabelli is turning 67. Model May Andersen turns 27. The Insider's Lara Spencer is 40. Joseph McShane, the president of Fordham University, is turning 60. Phylicia Rashad is turning 61. Actress Kathleen Turner turns 55. Attorney Helene Kaplan is 76. Interior designer David Netto is turning 40. Former financier and deputy mayor Ken Lipper is 68. Hugh Dancy, the actor and fiancé of Claire Danes, is turning 34. Zoe Saldana turns 31. Sadie Frost, the actress and ex-wife of Jude Law, is 44. And Paula Abdul is turning 47. Weekend birthdays after the jump!


cityfile · 04/15/09 08:54AM

Beyoncé leaving Bar Pitti yesterday after having lunch with Jay-Z ... Zoe Kravitz walking around ... James Franco studying at the library ... Minnie Driver shopping with her mom in Soho and later pushing son Henry in a stroller in the Village ... Russell Crowe walking around in sweats on the Upper West Side ... Jason Bateman carrying daughter Francesca around on his shoulders ... Kathleen Turner hailing a taxi in Midtown ... Agyness Deyn walking with a friend in the East Village ... Sean Penn filming scenes for his new movie, Fair Game ... Zac Efron leaving his hotel in Midtown ... Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze walking in the rain in Brooklyn with Matilda ... and Diane Kruger shopping in Soho.

Josh Hartnett Latest In Long List Of Celebs To Make Ill-Fated Decision To Dabble In Theater

Molly Friedman · 07/01/08 07:25PM

Radar reports that our favorite box office trailblazer, Josh Hartnett, has finally given up hope of nailing zingers on 30 Rock or appearing in a mildly successful movie and moved on to simpler pursuits: the London theater. In a role that will certainly pay homage to Tom Cruise’s former career as an actor, Hartnett will appear as Rain Man’s Charlie Babbit opposite a less-heartthrobby Brit filling Dustin Hoffman’s pigeon-toed shoes. Most interesting of all? Hartnett manages to say, “It has always been my intent to work on the London stage,” without laughing. But the bigger question remains (ahem, Katie Holmes): why do movie stars assume tackling the theater will be a breezy little side-job guaranteed to build acting cred? The track records of Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, and David Schwimmer beg to differ, after the jump.

Nicolas Cage Officially No Longer That Oscar-Winner Who Stole a Chihuahua

STV · 04/04/08 04:15PM

Nicolas Cage's long, excruciating nightmare on the International Chihuahua-Thief Blacklist ended today in a British court, where his solicitor acknowledged a settlement between the Oscar-winner and rumor-slinging memoirist Kathleen Turner. The actress wrote of several newly disproven Cage exploits in her recent book Send Yourself Roses, including being "arrested twice for drunk-driving" and renting-to-own a Chihuahua on the set of Peggy Sue Got Married. Cage took his beef to court after the Daily Mail published the offending excerpt. Sadly, we've learned that the resolution will deprive us of some of our favorite apocrypha of contemporary literature:

Nicolas Cage Slaps Kathleen Turner With Lawsuit Over Chihuahanapping Claims He Says Are False

Seth Abramovitch · 02/12/08 05:05PM

We now return to the Everybody's Suing Everybody Day festivities with the ongoing feud between Kathleen Turner and Nic Cage, the former having accused the latter in her upcoming autobiography of having several DUI and dog-snatching marks on his personal record. An irate Cage quickly issued a denial, out of concern that Turner's tales might render his many impressionable young fans incapable of separating truth from fiction: The last thing the world needs is a spate of renegade Chihuahuanappings, or, heaven's forfend, a troubling new trend in which confused teens light their heads on fire before embarking on stolen-motorcycle joyrides. Perhaps to fully hammer his message home, Cage has now filed a "defamaton, libel and slander" suit against his Peggy Sue Got Married co-star in British court:

Nicolas Cage Is Many Things, Kathleen Turner, But A Drunk-Driving Chihuahua-Swiper Is Not One Of Them

Seth Abramovitch · 01/24/08 08:37PM

Say what you will about Kathleen Turner—she gives good memoir. We're still reeling from her anecdote about Anthony Perkins' habit of sneaking a little whiff of poppers before every shot (though it did shed some light on that scene in Psycho III, where, apropos of nothing, Norman Bates starts making out with a taxidermied racoon). But it's her claims about Nicolas Cage being a drunk driver and convicted dognapping felon that seem to have caused the biggest stir since excerpts of her upcoming autobiography were leaked. Today, a spokesperson issued us this heartfelt statement from the National Treasure star:

Tell-All Shocker! Kathleen Turner Accuses Nic Cage Of 'Peggy Sue'-Era Dognapping!

mark · 01/23/08 12:40PM

In frequently amusing excerpts from her upcoming autobiography now being published in the UK's Daily Mail, Romancing the Stone and Serial Mom star Kathleen Turner unloads both tell-all barrels into a number of her former co-stars, including Michael Douglas ("a wonderful friend and a terrible enemy"), William Hurt ("he loved those magic mushrooms"), and Anthony Perkins ("Everywhere he went, he carried a little bottle that I was told was benzyl nitrate. We'd rehearse a scene, then before the call to 'Roll camera', he'd take out his bottle and sniff it with each nostril.") But a special place in Turner's Hollywood-hardened heart is reserved for Peggy Sue Got Married castmate Nicolas Cage, whom she accuses of acting out so as not to seem like director/uncle Francis Ford Coppola threw him a spot on the call sheet purely out of nepotism: