Racial Profiling Is “Common Sense" to Kathleen Parker

Hamilton Nolan · 07/17/13 12:40PM

No matter how great the backlash, the venerable Washington Post is determined to publish explanations from white columnists of why Trayvon Martin's death was actually very understandable. Today: Kathleen Parker says that racial profiling is "common sense." Oh yes.

Parker Spitzer Is Exactly as Useless as You Thought It Would Be

Max Read · 10/04/10 08:30PM

This clip is part of a sequence called "Unfinished Business," an apparently regular segment where Spitzer will bring on guests to talk about cases he prosecuted while he was attorney general of New York. Tonight's guest: Henry Blodget, the former Merrill Lynch employee whose career as an analyst was torpedoed by Spitzer (Blodger is also the CEO of Business Insider). After an endless introduction, Henry bounds out and proceeds to, well, have a weird sort of heart-to-heart with Spitzer? I don't know, it sounds like a version of a coffee date with an ex-girlfriend where everyone is feeling magnanimous and ready for closure. (Can't wait for the "Unfinished Business" segment with Ashley Dupré.)