Katherine Heigl: "Honestly," I'm Not Rude

Allie Jones · 11/03/14 08:10AM

Television actress Katherine Heigl did a Facebook chat with "fans" this weekend, and one brave soul asked, "I've heard rumors that your very rude. What's your thoughts?" The answer, according to Miss Heigl, is "I'm not rude."

The Razzies Are Here: What's the Worst Movie That Danced Before Your Eyeballs in 2012?

Caity Weaver · 01/09/13 12:02PM

Every year, the Golden Raspberry Awards asks movie viewers to pause for a moment and reflect on what the fuck they are doing with their lives. Are you proud of the fact you sat through an hour and a half of Battleship? Are you embarrassed? Did it boost your understanding of tactical naval strategy? What color best represents how you feel?

Liam Neeson Tops Box Office, But Katherine Heigl Remains Relevant

Louis Peitzman · 01/28/12 12:03PM

It should come as no surprise that The Grey AKA Liam Neeson Fights Some Goddamn Wolves topped the box office on Friday. The Hollywood Reporter predicts an $18 million weekend, which would be more impressive if it weren't competing against so many shitty movies. In second place, the Katherine Heigl vehicle One for the Money, which has the distinct disadvantage of no wolves and a fairly contentious star. Even Heigl, at one point, admitted that no one liked her.

Ryan Seacrest's First Movie Will Destroy the American Entertainment Industry

Brian Moylan · 11/03/11 12:35PM

Ryan Seacrest, who hangs over Hollywood and infests everything in it like a cloud of smog carrying Anthrax, made his first deal to produce a movie. If this is anything like his TV producing enterprises, which brought us the Ugg-booted Yeti that is the Kardashians, we're all doomed.

Scarlett Johansson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Spotted Kissing

Maureen O'Connor · 10/20/11 11:02AM

Someone saw ScarJo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt kissing. Shia LaBeouf got in a bar fight and threatened to pull a knife. Katherine Heigl's three-year-old can walk in stilettos. Cameron Diaz and Naomi Campbell go dancing. Thursday gossip swaps spit.

Ryan Murphy Cannot Stop

Richard Lawson · 10/13/11 04:58PM

TV's busiest writer/producer/director is far too busy. Also today: Two big-time actresses are wallowing into the television swamp, and there's some good news for Revenge fans.

One for the Money: Katherine Heigl Ruins Another Genre

Matt Cherette · 09/25/11 11:33PM

Here's the trailer for One for the Money, an upcoming action comedy adapted from the 1994 novel by Janet Evanovich. Out January 27, the movie stars Katherine Heigl as an obnoxious New Jersey girl named Stephanie Plum, who—after losing both her husband and her job—decides to make ends meet by becoming a bounty hunter, because obviously. It also features Sherri Shepherd as a hungry prostitute and Debbie Reynolds as the requisite dinner table turkey-shooting grandma. So kooky and likable, just like Katherine Heigl!

Amy Winehouse's Funeral Is Under Way

Maureen O'Connor · 07/26/11 10:45AM

Amy Winehouse is laid to rest. Blake Fielder-Civil memorializes her from yet another jail cell. Jesse James and Kat Von D broke up. Lauryn Hill's boyfriend left her for a model while she was pregnant with his child. Tuesday gossip is somber.

The Sad, Sexy Ballad of Chord Overstreet

Richard Lawson · 07/05/11 05:08PM

The blonde moptop was going places on TV's Glee until he abruptly wasn't. Also today: Bridesmaids is super successful, the new Chelsea Handler sitcom is not, and some info on actresses' paychecks.

Social Networking Cigarettes Are Like the Facebook of Sadness

Adrian Chen · 05/11/11 09:57AM

You know what probably no one in the world has ever thought, until this second? "I wish my cigarettes had social-networking capabilities." But the engine of innovation churns crazily on, so now there are social networking electronic cigarettes.

Mel Gibson Won't Go to Jail For Allegedly Beating Oksana

Adrian Chen · 03/12/11 10:43AM
  • Mel Gibson entered a "no contest" plea to his charge of battery against Oksana Grigorieva yesterday and will receive no jail time. Mel was accused of hitting Oksana while she held their kid on January 6, 2010. Then there was the whole back-and-forth in the tabloids, the pictures of Oksana's battered face released, the authenticity of those pictured questioned, etc. etc. It was all for nothing! The plea allows Mel to maintain his innocence, while not exactly pleading "innocence." Now Mel will be forced to do 16 hours of community service for a group called "Mending Kids," and must stay away from Oksana, which he has to do anyway. So, we put an unhinged and violent man in contact with kids for 16 hours? Nice punishment. Meanwhile, Oksana's lawsuit against Mel continues unabated. [TMZ]

Katherine Heigl to Make World's Worst Movie Even Worster

Richard Lawson · 01/31/11 03:54PM

When in doubt that your movie might not be the worst movie ever made, add Katherine Heigl to it. That ought to do! Also today: Batman news, Superman news, a comedian goes into business, and a CSI star returns.

Which Actresses Do You Irrationally Hate?

Brian Moylan · 01/04/11 04:33PM

Everyone has them: the actress who appears on screen and immediately creates a feeling of repulsion. You hate her vehemently, but can't explain why. Which actress tops your list, and just why does this phenomenon exist?