Leah Beckmann · 06/05/13 10:29AM

Kate Winslet is the mother(-to-be) of Rocknroll. She and husband Ned Rocknroll are expecting a baby. May it be blessed with its mother's love of space and fire safety, and its father's cool tank tops.

It All Makes Sense Now: Kate Winslet's Marriage to the Man with a Clown Name Earned Her a Trip to Space

Cord Jefferson · 12/28/12 03:00PM

Remember when elegant British superstar Kate Winslet married a man who, like an idiot, changed his name to "Ned RocknRoll," and the whole world let out a collective, "Huh?" Today comes news that clarifies everything: Winslet's wedding gift, courtesy of RocknRoll's billionaire uncle, Richard Branson, is a trip to space. See? Doesn't this all make a lot more sense now?

Kate Winslet Married Someone Named Ned Rock'nRoll Earlier This Month

Taylor Berman · 12/26/12 11:09PM

If you're rich and famous, sometimes surviving a hurricane hell-fire on a private island can lead to true love. Such was the case with Kate Winslet and the amazingly named Ned Rock'nRoll. According to Winslet's rep, the couple were married earlier this month in a secret ceremony in New York. Completing the bizarre, disaster-born romance, the bride was given away by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, her Titanic co-star.

Drunk & Disorderly: Faces Of The Golden Globes

Timothy Burke · 01/16/12 08:00AM

Awards shows are compelling because they're occasions for the rich, famous, and beautiful to go above and beyond to the apogee of glamor. The Golden Globes, however—mostly due to the mass quantities of alcohol and other substances in close proximity—are often the occasion for the glamorous to become beastlike in the blink of an eye. (Except Kate Winslet. She is never not absolutely fabulous.)

Jennifer Aniston's Rage: 'I Threw a Chair at a Director'

Maureen O'Connor · 10/07/11 10:46AM

Aniston assaulted a director, but she says he was asking for it. Fart fetishists can't get enough of Nancy Grace. Ashton Kutcher's mistresses poses topless. Demi Moore still wears her wedding ring. Friday gossip returns to the one who hurt it.

Let's Make Fun of Royalty and Celebrity

Brian Moylan & Maureen O'Connor · 09/23/11 09:15AM

Now that Fashion Week is over here in New York, it migrated to London, where Pippa Middleton was giving everyone a show in the front row. Join us on our little internet talk show where we make fun of the outfits of Naomi Campbell, Katy Perry, Rachel Weisz, Kate Winslet, and a whole lot more. It's the hottest thing for fall.

The Most Memorable Moments of the 2011 Emmy Awards

Matt Cherette · 09/19/11 01:01AM

Just like the weekend, the 63rd Primetime Emmys are history. This year's telecast was hosted by Glee's Jane Lynch and aired live on Fox from the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Despite Alec Baldwin's last-minute pullout, pretty much every small screen star showed up to celebrate television's biggest night.

Megan Fox: I'm Not a Robot, I Long to 'Seem Human'

Maureen O'Connor · 09/13/11 10:47AM

Megan Fox reassures the world that she is neither robot nor android. Underlings must "turn their faces to a wall" when Madonna walks by. Jane Lynch started smoking at the age of 12. Demi Moore tweets a "topless" picture. Tuesday gossip is practicing human emotions.

Let's Make Fun of Celebrity Outfits Yet Again

Brian Moylan & Maureen O'Connor · 09/09/11 02:00PM

Welcome back to Gawkerazzi, when we look at pictures of celebrities and make fun of them on video, instead of in writing. Join us as we bitch about Kate Winslet's weird sausage dress, Gwyneth's Contagion, the mysterious case of a feathered bowtie, and other curiosities.

Kate Winslet's Projectile Vomit Helped Her Family Bond

Maureen O'Connor · 09/02/11 10:29AM

Kate Winslet's kids love it when mommy upchucks. Taylor Swift thinks Jake Gyllenhaal is "vain." New mom Mel B "laughed so hard the baby popped out." Kellan Lutz has a roommate named Dick. TGIFriday gossip.

Carnage: The White People Are Restless

Richard Lawson · 08/22/11 04:09PM

Here's a trailer for Carnage, a movie based on the Yasmina Reza play God of Carnage, about two yuppie couples warring over an incident between their sons. It was filmed in Paris but takes place in, of course, Brooklyn.

Kate Winslet Escapes Fiery Hurricane Hell on Richard Branson's Island

Maureen O'Connor · 08/22/11 11:55AM

As we speak, Hurricane Irene (upgraded from "tropical storm" this morning and the first Atlantic hurricane of the season) is ravaging the Caribbean. So obviously, the next question on your mind must be, "But how are local celebrities doing?" The New York Post will have you know that Kate Winslet narrowly escaped a fire at Richard Branson's private isle in the British Virgin Islands. Branson's guests all got out safely, but his home, office, and "thousands of photographs" were "completely destroyed."

Goldie Hawn Is Back and Ready for Action

Richard Lawson · 06/16/11 05:25PM

America's one-time sweetheart is returning from a long hiatus with a sexy new project. Also today: Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin hook up under strange circumstances, Aaron Sorkin adds more actors to his news team, and the potential return of Dave Chappelle.

Stop Telling Us What TV Shows We Must Watch

Brian Moylan · 03/28/11 11:23AM

Last night HBO's star-studded pedigree mini-series Mildred Pierce lit up TV screens across America, not because that many people wanted to see a warmed-over Depression-era rags-to-riches story, but because the culture created some need in us to watch it. Enough already.

Awards Season: When Good Actors Go Bad

Richard Lawson · 02/07/11 03:42PM

The Golden Globes and SAG Awards have been given out and the Oscar nominations have been announced, so we are reaching the denouement of the 2011 Awards Season Thrill-Parade. And, unfortunately, one of the saddest narratives of the season is playing out with one of our favorite actresses, Melissa Leo. She's gotten way too into the whole hoopla.