Google CEO Deters Mistress Tattle Tales

Ryan Tate · 07/20/10 07:00AM

Google CEO Eric Schmidt's venture capital firm describes its investment philosophy as "opportunistic." We're starting to wonder if that refers to the "opportunity" to buy people's silence, judging from how much money is flowing to friends of Schmidt's sometime mistresses.

Google CEO's unemployed girlfriend

Owen Thomas · 12/04/08 05:00PM

What's the use of dating a megabillionaire if he can't throw some bucks your way? Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who's been seeing video producer Kate Bohner since last fall, hasn't come through with funding for her documentary production firm, so she's out of a job.

Elliot Schrage, Google's top flack, interviewing at Facebook

Owen Thomas · 05/05/08 12:40PM

Are Elliot Schrage and Sheryl Sandberg about to stage a policy-wonk reunion in Palo Alto? When she worked at Google, Sandberg, now Facebook's COO, helped recruit Schrage from the Council on Foreign Relations. Having taken charge of Facebook PR, Sandberg is looking to hire a VP of communications with experience in public policy. Since most Valley flacks are weak in knowing the ways of D.C., that job description is tailor-made for Schrage. Sources tell us he has already interviewed at Facebook. And we hear he's more than ready to leave Google, chiefly because of its philanderrific CEO, Eric Schmidt.

Google CEO's bikini-clad gal pal dislikes philanderers

Owen Thomas · 12/17/07 09:03AM

It's not that we're appalled by married Eric Schmidt's role as Google's adulterer supervision. Rather, we're amazed. Impressed, even. Where does the man find the time? Though he's broken up with Marcy Simon, the girlfriend he gave a PR job in Google's New York office, we hear he's now squiring Kate Bohner around. Including, publicly, to one of the presidential debates Google's YouTube site has been running with CNN. We don't think this relationship will last very long, either. Just watch this video to see why.

Eric Schmidt, PR side bit have split

Owen Thomas · 12/12/07 01:15PM

Marcy Simon, the publicist romantically linked with Eric Schmidt, has broken up with the Google CEO. We wouldn't take such interest in Schmidt's affairs, if they didn't make him obsessed with privacy and prone to making foolish hires — such as the time he installed Simon as a PR consultant in Google's New York office. A messy breakup with his wife, Wendy, would also put his considerable stake in Google in play, which would seem to make keeping an eye on Schmidt's wandering one well worth investors' while.

Does Eric Schmidt have a new girlfriend?

Owen Thomas · 09/18/07 12:17PM

Marcy Simon, left, the girlfriend of married Google CEO Eric Schmidt, is no longer a PR consultant at Google. So much for her reign as the Duchess of West Chelsea. The terms of separation are unclear: Simon has maintained to friends that she quit, while other insiders say Google executives Elliot Schrage and David Lawee fired her, with Schmidt stepping out of the matter. Schmidt's recusal may not be the only way in which he's staying out of Simon's affairs. Rumor is that Schmidt is now seeing Kate Bohner, right, a journalist and ex-wife of author Michael Lewis. No word on whether a Google gig is forthcoming for Bohner, though she does have a channel on the Google-owned YouTube.