Sorry, Those Topless Photos of Emma Watson Are Fake

Adrian Chen · 11/07/10 10:51AM

Sorry, no nude Emma Watson pics. Is The Situation's brother riding on his coattails? Lily Allen's in the hospital and Danielle Staub is dating a dude and a woman at the same time. Sunday Gossip Roundup does not disappoint.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 06/12/09 06:30AM

Blow a kiss in Adriana Lima's direction. The supermodel turns 28 today. Others celebrating: Yankees star Hideki Matsui is turning 35. Deputy mayor Kevin Sheekey is turning 43. David Rockefeller is 94. Sports Marv Albert is turning 68. Real estate broker Michele Kleier is 66. Hunter College president Jennifer Raab turns 53. Kendra Wilkinson is turning 24. And George H. W. Bush celebrates his 85th birthday today. Weekend birthdays—including those of the Olsen twins and Donald Trump—after the jump.

Jimmy Kimmel Reports Back For Awards Duty

STV · 10/06/08 11:50AM

· Jimmy Kimmel will return to host his fifth American Music Awards in November; confirmed musical guests include Pink and the Jonas Brothers, who will honor the institution with a Grobanesque medley of songs by influential winners like Kris Kross, New Kids on the Block, Kool and the Gang and many others. [AP] · HBO just picked up Entourage for a sixth season, thus ensuring at least two more years of Emmy retribution against host-bashing awards perennial Jeremy Piven. [THR] After the jump: Michael Douglas has a party, Woody Harrelson has a complex, and Bull Durham plots a return by Costner demand.· Eighteen years after giving the hardware to his father, the American Film Instutute selected Michael Douglas to receive next year's Lifetime Achievement Award. [BBC] · Kat Dennings is in talks to co-star in Defendor, featuring Woody Harrelson as a man who believes he possesses superhero powers and Dennings as the ADD-afflicted, poor-spelling neighbor girl who gives him his name. [THR] · Kevin Costner, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are all reportedly in talks to return for Bull Durham 2: The Beer League Years. [Page Six] · Crisis averted! After less than a day of protests, Bollywood's dancing girls and nearly 100,000 other actors, filmmakers and crew concluded their big-budget production Kuchi Kuchi Pay Us Bitches in record time. [NYT]

Is Michael Cera 'Two or Three Steps From Being Over?'

AmyKSays · 09/29/08 01:50PM

As Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist approaches this weekend, everyone's clamoring to see if Michael Cera has what it takes to push past Ellen Page's preggo belly and Jonah Hill's girth to finally take center stage in a film. But things are looking tenuous for Cera and his "blank Pez-dispenser face," as he seems primed to reprise the dopey-but-endearing role in the new romcom. So will George Michael ever be a star?When Superbad was released, everyone was stoked on Cera and his skinny, off-beat quiet wit. He was ranked No. 1 on Entertainment Weekly's 30 Under 30 actors list. He had garnered comedic street cred from his stint on Arrested Development. And shucks, how could you forget those dimples? He was one of those cool, John Cusask-esque unlikely sex symbols! And yet now, film critic Jeffrey Wells says Cera is a mere "two or three steps from being over." His logic?

Did Prolific Robert Rodriguez Trade Rose McGowan for 22-Year-Old in His Latest Romantic Drama?

STV · 07/08/08 05:30PM

Box-office bombs and Barbarella casting crises aside, we hear today that the Robert Rodriguez Girlfriend Roundelay may have simply been too crowded for Rose McGowan to keep her place during the couple's bust-up. A tipster sends word that Rodriguez has moved on to 22-year-old Kat Dennings, the Charlie Bartlett ingenue currently shooting Shorts with the filmmaker in Austin; the duo has reportedly been seen at locales around town — including Rodriguez's hot tub, we're told — but for all we know that could just be a bit of refreshment after a long, midsummer day under the scorching Texas sun.