Karl Rove Loves the Freedom of Information Act Now

John Cook · 03/23/11 11:12AM

Fat asshole Karl Rove, who helped design and maintain the most contemptuous and opaque presidential administration since Richard Nixon's, loves transparency now that a black Democrat is charge. So he's launched a clearinghouse for documents obtained through the FOIA.

Jon Stewart: There's No Difference Between Republicans and Tea-Baggers

Matt Cherette · 09/20/10 10:27PM

Tonight, Jon Stewart discussed Christine O'Donnell and pointed out a) Karl Rove's criticism of her, and b) Rove's subsequent flip-flip on the issue after pressure from Sarah Palin/others. Then, Stewart blew holes in the "Republicans and Tea-Baggers are different!" argument.

The Secret Gay Loved Ones of Homophobic Politicians

Maureen O'Connor · 09/16/10 01:40PM

Statistics being what they are, every homophobic politician must have a gay loved one hiding somewhere. Dick Cheney has Mary. Alan Keyes has Maya. And Christine O'Donnell, Tea Party Queen of Delaware, has a lesbian sister in L.A.

Vicious Attack Ad Targets Karl Rove's Book

Ryan Tate · 03/16/10 08:21PM

The authors of the business book Rework noticed Karl Rove was standing between them and the number one bestseller slot on Amazon.com. So they created this awesomely fun takedown of the Republican strategist's Courage and Consequence. It's positively Rovian.

Karl Rove Dating Again!

Pareene · 02/03/10 02:50PM

Newly single Bush brain Karl Rove was overheard yesterday telling his Fox makeup artist that he was going on his first post-divorce date—with someone who used to work under him at the White House. Who? Well, we don't know.