Lamar Odom Suffered 12 Strokes, Brain Scans Say

Melissa Cronin · 10/24/15 10:56AM

Lamar Odom suffered a staggering total of twelve strokes after he fell unconscious at a Nevada brothel earlier this month. According to the former NBA star’s brain scans, the strokes may impact his motor skills, TMZ reports.

Kylie Jenner Is 2 Cool 4 School

Gabrielle Bluestone · 01/21/15 11:15PM

A new generation doth rise: Kardashian Q Score heir Kylie Jenner is reportedly quitting the high school of quitting high school (home school) to assume her rightful position as most beloved person related to Kris Jenner.

In Touch Photoshopped Bruce Jenner as a Woman for Their Latest Cover

Jay Hathaway · 01/14/15 12:54PM

Former honorary Kardashian Bruce Jenner has never officially said he's transitioning from male to female, but that didn't stop In Touch from horribly photoshopping what they think he would look like if he did. His ex-wife, Kardashian momager Kris Jenner, is reportedly pissed off at the magazine for the upcoming cover, which implies he told his family he was going to transition.

Don't Hate Kim Kardashian. She's Just a Butt.

Leah Finnegan · 11/21/14 02:15PM

I really like Kim Kardashian. I usually have nothing but disdain for celebrities, or celebrities in training. There is not a thing less interesting, or useful in the world, than an "artist" of dubious talent who has risen to fleeting fame because of sex connections, family connections, or money connections. But I think Kim is great. Here's why: She asks nothing of her fans. She's not all like: Download my new .mp3! Or: Sit through my new three-hour movie about the end of earth and how we all have to eat corn now! She hawks no talent. She knows what her best asset is, and she plays it up. She has a truly remarkable butt, so she showed it naked on the cover of Paper. Why go through the trouble of being a "singer" or an "actress" when you can just be a butt? Kim knows.

Can Someone Please Get Kylie Jenner a Fake ID

Allie Jones · 11/19/14 03:46PM

This is going to be really upsetting to read, but: Kylie Jenner, the 17-year-old sister of Kim Kardashian, has been banned from a club. Why? Because she was trying to enter said club without legal identification proving that she is 21 years or older. Somebody get this girl a fake ID! Let Kylie party, jesus!!!

Kardashian Christmas Cardashian Sends Good Tidings from Hell

Caity Weaver · 12/02/13 12:57PM

The Kardashian family released their annual Yule card honoring the fearsome rebirth of the Great Horned hunter God Cernunnos last night, and all of the ladies looked cute and cool, and everyone who beheld the image fell over dead 13 hours later

The New York Times Believes in Kendall Jenner

Caity Weaver · 06/10/13 04:41PM

On Sunday, the New York Times ran an uplifting story about a brave California teen who doesn't go to regular school anymore and one time she spilled spaghetti on the carpet. It's Kendall Jenner!