Arnold Schwarzenegger Reviews Karate Kid Trailer

Mike Byhoff · 03/22/10 08:45AM

About damn time this surfaced. The first time we all saw the Karate Kid trailer the only thing that came to mind was "what does Arnold think?" Now that he finally reviewed it, he can go back to breaking California.

Crouching Douche, Hidden STDs

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/10/08 05:50PM

Brodacious reality TV star Brody Jenner implemented the trusty crane kick to defend Coco De Ville from the haters on Tuesday night. Jenner stood guard outside the club to keep "the negative vibes" (his words) out of the club . Jenner added, "It's Tuesday night and people need to get ready for the weekend. So, if anybody with a negative attitude wants to step into the place, I'm gonna put them in a bodybag. There is no negativity in this dojo, sensai!"