Kim Smiles Nervously as Kanye Delivers His Full Beck Rant to E! News

Gabrielle Bluestone · 02/09/15 01:00AM

As an amped up Kanye West argued that Beck should have given his award to Beyoncé "to respect artistry," and ripped E!'s logos off his microphone after the Grammys Sunday, Kim Kardashian faced the biggest struggle of them all—smiling convincingly.

Here Are The 24 Highest-Earning Hip-Hop Stars in the World

Camille Dodero · 09/25/13 04:30PM

Earlier this week, Forbes released its annual breakdown of "Hip-Hop Cash Kings"—the highest-paid rap artists of the last year. It's an interesting calculation for many reasons, including the revelations that Pitbull made more than Drake, that both Nicki Minaj and Avicii brought in more than Kanye, and that the top 20 spots contain five white guys, one of whose names rhymes with Tacklebore.

Kanye West Got Paid By Kazakh Leader To Bore Everyone at Wedding

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 09/01/13 04:31PM

Maybe you're spending your Labor Day weekend on the beach, or in the woods, or in front of a computer. Either way, you're probably not being paid by a Kazakh autocrat to bore his grandson's wedding guests, because that is already what Kanye West is doing this weekend.

Watch Kanye West's Remarkable SNL Performances

Matt Cherette · 10/02/10 11:58PM

Tonight, in a stark white room, dressed in red and flanked by gold jewelry—and two dozen ballerinas—Kanye West gave two of the most memorable performances in SNL's last few years (at least) with "Power" and "Runaway." Watch inside.

The Political Empathy Matrix

T.A.N. · 05/30/09 04:30PM

How to determine your Political-Empathy quotient: On one axis find your political ideology somewhere between the two poles of Conservative and Liberal. On the other axis we have "Us"(inclusive) vs. "Them"(exclusive). Yes.