Hudson Hongo · 09/08/15 09:30PM

According to the AP, a jury has recommended the death sentence for Frazier Glenn Miller, the white supremacist convicted of murdering three people at Jewish community centers last year. During closing arguments, Miller reportedly told the jury, “Frankly my dears, I don’t give a damn,” and gave a Nazi salute.

Restaurant Explodes in Street Inferno, Injuring 16

Max Read · 02/20/13 08:06AM

A huge natural gas explosion—"like an earthquake," one witness said—burned a Kansas City restaurant to the ground yesterday evening, injuring 16, some critically, and leaving one person unaccounted for. Authorities believe a contractor working near JJ's Restaurant, a three-decade institution overlooking Kansas City's iconic Country Club Plaza, hit a natural gas line, and people reported a strong odor of gas in the area—so strong JJ's employees cancelled reservations, shut down the kitchen, and asked patrons to leave the restaurant—hours before the 6 p.m. explosion shattered nearby windows and sent shockwaves nearly a mile through the city. One woman is still missing, and Kansas City police are using cadaver dogs to search for her. Some 100 fire fighters responded to the four-alarm fire; it was under control by 8 p.m. [Kansas City Star | KCTV]

Kansas City Star Editors Issue Sophie's Choice: You Choose Who's Laid Off

Robert Kessler · 12/12/12 05:12PM

The clever editors at the Kansas City Star have come up with a way to make layoffs fun. For them, at least. Reporters Karen Dillon and Dawn Bormann have reportedly been told by management that one of them must go, and it's up to the two of them to decide who it is.

The 'Private Bank of Denny Ray Hardin' Wasn't a Real Bank

Lauri Apple · 09/16/11 06:28AM

After reading some books about banking, Denny Ray Hardin set up a website, created 2,000 fake promissory notes, and opened up "the Private Bank of Denny Ray Hardin" (not necessarily in that order) from his home in Kansas City. How entrepreneurial! And illegal.

Warning Sign

Max Read · 02/02/11 03:54AM

[A Kansas City Scout sign warns motorists along I-70 near Kansas City, Mo. on Tuesday. I-70 was closed from Kansas City to St. Louis because of heavy snow. Image via AP]

Woman Travels Four Hours with Gun to Kill Mean Internet Commenter

Max Read · 10/01/10 01:16AM

Meet Briana Greathouse of Kansas City, Missouri. Briana, who's 25, recently traveled to Ottumwa, Iowa, four hours away, to meet a man she knew through the internet. And kill him. For making mean internet postings. Her mom was arrested, too.

Kansas City Is The New Greenpoint

Pareene · 10/17/07 10:30AM

If you're like us, all you know about Kansas City is that it was nuked by the Russians in 1983 (in some made-for-T.V. movie we saw on the SciFi channel the other night). But they've rebuilt! And they're having a renaissance! Creative types priced out of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Jersey City, Philadelphia, Providence, Wilmington, and Columbus, Ohio are flocking to Missouri's largest city, leading some wags to call it "the 11th borough."