Life's Nothing More Than a Dumb Kangaroo With a Watering Can on Its Head

Andy Cush · 03/24/15 02:43PM

In this life, you flail blindly, pummeling your way from one day to the next through alternating periods of heroic effort and helpless inertia, unwilling or unable to behold the world beyond the lonely confines of your own ego. In this way, you resemble an idiot kangaroo with a watering can stuck on its head.

Drone Pilot Fucks With the Wrong Kangaroo

Jay Hathaway · 12/22/14 03:24PM

A pilot tracking an Eastern grey kangaroo and her joey through Hunter Valley, Australia got a little too close, and perhaps underestimated the roo's speed and vertical leap. Although the pilot tried to back the drone up, it was too late: His shit got wrecked.

Here's a Video of a Kangaroo Fighting a Dog

Camille Dodero · 08/29/13 09:15PM

This interspecies battle comes courtesy of Anthony Gill, a father and dog-caretaker living in from Australia, where kangaroos are very prevalent creatures. One afternoon, Gill's great dane Max decided to run after a small mob of roos and ended up getting slapped around by one of the aggressively defensive marsupials. More specifically:

Boxing Kangaroo Attack Barely Fazes Tough Grannie

Jeff Neumann · 07/26/11 07:27AM

94-year-old Australian Phyllis Johnson was attacked by a rampaging, psycho "Big Red" kangaroo while she was hanging laundry in her backyard on Sunday. Johnson told the Courier-Mail that she "bashed it on the head but it kept going for me," and she was only saved when cops showed up and pepper sprayed its ass. Then her son, who clearly underestimated his badass mother, wanted her to go to the hospital:

Kangaroo Sport

Max Read · 09/15/10 03:02AM

[Australians dressed in their traditional national garb celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Sydney 2000 Olympics at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre. Pic via Getty.]

Kangaroos Playfight Like Crazy

Allison Oldfather · 12/01/09 10:30AM

Apparently, kangaroos use their tails like third legs so they can kick with double the force.