How To Blog About Your Messy Divorce

Ryan Tate · 05/13/10 04:54PM

Justine Musk's divorce from her high-profile-CEO husband could be much uglier: There's a new younger woman, five kids and a big fight over money. But her blog, and even her blog comments, have been admirably graceful. Let's look:

Money Can't Buy Elon Musk Love

Owen Thomas · 04/06/09 02:17PM

Why has Justine Musk, the estranged wife of the CEO of Tesla Motors, spoken out about their divorce and his new fiancée? It might have something to do with money, and Elon Musk's lack thereof.

Tesla chief's actress girlfriend into his "physics"

Owen Thomas · 11/12/08 05:20PM

The liquored-up consensus at San Francisco watering hole Joey & Eddie's last night: Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is actually kind of hot. Musk, who drove up in one of his electric car startup's Roadsters to speak to me yesterday, is divorcing sci-fi novelist wife Justine and has taken up with a British actress, Talulah Riley, whom he squired to a party earlier this year at Tesla's Silicon Valley showroom.Riley told the Daily Mail that she "fell in love with Elon because of our mutual love of physics." Perhaps it was "physiques." Those British accents are tricky. Justine Musk's comment on the 23-year-old Riley, in her LiveJournal: "She is not blonde, and I do find this refreshing." (Photo of Musk by Robert Scoble; photo of Riley via Daily Mail)