The Leftovers Is a Great Model for Coping With Other People's Religion

Rich Juzwiak · 12/07/15 03:03PM

“Everybody is wondering what and where they all came from,” rang out Iris DeMent’s jubilant voice every week during the opening credits of HBO’s second season of The Leftovers. She continued: “Everybody is worrying about where they’re gonna go when the whole thing’s done / But no one knows for certain and so it’s all the same to me / Think I’ll just let the mystery be.” DeMent’s voice—a happy medium between a screech and a honk—and the words it carried over her bluegrass ditty were inevitably the most joyous part of every episode. Hers was a point of view almost entirely missing from a show obsessed with people’s points of view: blissful willful ignorance.

The 13 Most Powerful Images of Naked Celebrities of 2012

Max Read · 12/05/12 03:55PM

Yesterday, all by ourselves, without no inspiration whatsoever, we brought you the 19 Most Powerful Images of 2012. But we have to ask: was 2012 about "inspiring," "powerful" images? Or was it about celebrity nude photos naked nude sex tape topless? Looking back across the year, we can say, definitely, 2012's biggest story was nude topless celebrities download here for sex tapes.

Caity Weaver · 11/19/12 11:27AM

Jennifer Aniston's fiancé allegedly invited Brad and Ang to her wedding. Jolie's wedding gift: burning down the church.

Your Giant Engagement Ring Looks Fucking Stupid, Jennifer Aniston

Drew Magary · 10/08/12 03:15PM

Oh hey, here's a picture of Jennifer Aniston rocking a zillion-carat engagement ring that her fiance, Justin Theroux, "gave" her. Though I assume Aniston bought the ring herself six years ago and stashed it in a safety deposit box until the day she finally found a man who could properly pull off being dressed like a 1930s fighter pilot. This is a big rock. A huge rock. A very expensive, obnoxious, stupid fucking rock.

Jennifer Aniston Laugh-Cries About Not Having a Baby Using a Smartwater Commercial

Leah Beckmann · 06/08/12 11:10AM

Looks like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are pulling a sort of Joaquin Phoenix I'm Not There thing, but with way more Smartwater. The couple are currently working on a short film parodying Aniston's life, rife with frenzied paparazzi, hushed will she or won't she baby rumors, and all the general "tabloid interest in Jennifer's life." Que cinematique!

Ashton Doesn't Follow Demi Anymore

Richard Lawson · 09/30/11 11:50AM

America's saddest divorce has its saddest development yet today. Also: Patrick Schwarzenegger is in trouble, Jack Osbourne is getting hitched, and Rihanna has genitals.

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis Are Not Sexting Each Other

Richard Lawson · 09/19/11 09:58AM

Unfortunately, the two stars claim that a sexy pictures rumor is just that, a rumor. Also today: January Jones skips the Emmys, Chris Evans competes for ladies, a sad Taylor Amstrong tale, and a sadder Aniston one.

Jen & Justin's Cozy California Casa

Richard Lawson · 08/31/11 04:54PM

Jennifer Aniston has somehow tricked another man, writer/actor Justin Theroux, into her tear-stained bed, and now they're shacking up together in a rented Beverly Hills mansion that's rather quaint by Aniston's lavish standards.

Sam Ronson Got a DUI at 10AM, Lindsay Lohan Parties Until 4AM

Maureen O'Connor · 08/02/11 10:17AM

Ronson fails a breathalyzer before breakfast. Lindsay parties all night with Paris. Vanessa Minnillo calls Jessica Simpson an "elephant." J.Lo's gives her first post-divorce interview, then gets naked. Tuesday gossip starts early or ends late, depending.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Shacking Up Already

Lauri Apple · 07/23/11 11:36AM

Jennifer Aniston and her still quite new man go house-hunting. Arnold Schwarzenegger just signs whatever papers are in front of him. Lindsay Lohan partied with the Muscle Milk people at a beach. Today's Gossip Roundup is acting irresponsibly.

Angelina's Evil Plot to Steal Another Man From Aniston

Maureen O'Connor · 07/07/11 10:45AM

Angelina seeks the "coup de grace" of Aniston life-destroying. Blake Lively moves in with Leo DiCaprio. Lil' Bow Wow has a secret daughter. Elisabetta Canalis bounces back from George. Thursday gossip is a stone-cold assassin of hearts.

Jennifer Aniston Needs Some Alone Time

Maureen O'Connor · 07/06/11 10:45AM

Jennifer Aniston is taking a break. Josh Hartnett pulls a "Don't you know who I am?" Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel reunite. Lenny Kravitz speaks out about "instrument bigotry." Wednesday gossip needs "me" time.

Charlie Sheen's Last Goddess Leaves Him

Maureen O'Connor · 06/27/11 10:05AM

After Charlie Sheen's marijuana bikini model lover dumped him, he consoled himself with an orgy. Jennifer Aniston goes on a strange double date. Lindsay Lohan shoots another Vanity Fair cover. Monday gossip bounces back.