Introducing Your Guest Golden Globes Tweeter: Justin Vivian Bond

Brian Moylan · 01/13/12 08:30PM

We have a whole bunch of fun stuff planned for the Golden Globes, but there's one thing you won't see on the site, so we wanted to make you aware of it now. We're giving control of Gawker's Twitter account to author, cabaret star, and all-around funny person Justin Vivian Bond during the broadcast.

Famous Author Celebrates Birthday With Live Nude Boys @ Home Sweet Home

Emily Gould · 08/27/07 01:50PM

On Friday night, we sent young gay writer-hottie Bennett Madison to cover a party thrown in honor of the birthday of gay eminence Bruce Benderson. We didn't know who that was either, but it turns out that he's very important to the gays! "Bruce Benderson is like Gore Vidal but a little bit [Ed: Um, 21 years!] younger and more downtown. He wrote a bunch of books which no one at the party had read (I asked). Also he went to high school with Camille Paglia. He's an outrageous gay elder statesment. I mean statesman. I'm still drunk," Bennett IM'd us this morning. The detailed accounting of his fun times are after the jump, accompanied by photos by perpetual lone heterosexual in the room Nikola Tamindzic. More more more can be found here.