Justin Bieber Loudly Booed as He Strips to Underwear at Fashion Rocks

Aleksander Chan · 09/10/14 08:20AM

Fashion Rocks, the weird annual live-music-and-designer-clothes charity fundraiser, aired on CBS last night and singing delinquent Justin Bieber made a "surprise" appearance to introduce Rita Ora with model Lara Stone. He was welcomed to the stage with loud booing. In an apparent, ill-conceived bit, he strips down to his underwear, which incites additional booing but also the piercing sound of screams, possibly of arousal. Watching Justin Bieber getting undressed on stage in front of a model is the longest 20 seconds of anyone's life.

Justin Bieber Wants You to Think He Fucked Kris Jenner

Jordan Sargent · 08/02/14 10:00AM

This is Justin Bieber posing with Kris Jenner. This is Justin Bieber tagging Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner, daughters of Kris Jenner, with the caption "who's your daddy." This is just Bieber, 20, joking about fucking his friends' mom, who is 58. Justin Bieber's 2014 Ibiza trip remains historic.

"Disco Demolition 2" Asks Fans to Torch Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus CDs

Andy Cush · 07/16/14 01:05PM

In 1979, the Chicago White Sox hosted Disco Demolition Night, inviting fans to bring disco records to Comiskey Park, then blowing them up on the field between doubleheader games. Saturday, a minor league franchise will destroy a bunch of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber CDs in an attempt to replicate the zany stunt.

Justin Bieber Baptized, Washes Away Racism

Jason Parham · 06/09/14 12:43PM

Pop megastar and recovering racist Justin Bieber was reportedly baptized—in a bathtub. TMZ is reporting that Bieber underwent "intense" Bible study with Pastor Carl Lentz over the course of the last few weeks, all of which concluded with the singer getting baptized in New York City. Despite wanting to keep the ceremony hush hush, Bieber's cover kept getting blown every time he visited a church, so he ultimately decided to take a dip in a friend's bathtub.