Jennifer Aniston Really Just Wants to Direct

Richard Lawson · 03/29/11 03:05PM

Yup, after all those romantic comedies and derailed thrillers (well, just one of those), Ms. TV America has decided to shuffle on back behind the camera. Also today: a beloved Agatha Christie character gets a makeover, Johnny Depp meets his younger self, and no more vampires!

Racists On a Plane

Richard Lawson · 05/04/10 11:23AM

Or at least near where they make the Boeing planes. Also today: Spielberg's next project, a good show gets renewed, some news about your favorite TV stars, and another rocker goes to Broadway.

FX's Justified Is As Good As It Is Bad

Zach Mack · 03/17/10 12:00AM

Tonight was the series premiere of Justified, a new crime drama on the FX Network. Expectations were high due to the network's past success and its star, Deadwood's Timothy Olyphant. Unfortunately, it was kind of disappointing.