The National Enquirer Has Been Right Before

Sam Biddle · 03/25/16 03:50PM

It’s easy to dismiss today’s National Enquirer story about the alleged secret, highly active extramarital sex life of Ted Cruz, because, hey, it’s just some crappy tabloid that makes up all of its stories, right? And it’s true: They’ve printed a lot of fantasy and nonsense. But on some stories—including some huge ones—the Enquirer has been very right.

Sarah Palin To Command the Death Star?

Richard Lawson · 09/16/08 03:23PM

At left is the wicked (and blessedly dead) Grand Moff Tarkin, high-powered henchman to Darth Vader, from the 1977 space documentary Star Wars. At right is Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin speaking at a campaign rally in Colorado yesterday. Note the similarities. We're not sayin', we're just sayin'. [Palin image via Splash]