What A Day Without Gays Would Look Like

Richard Lawson · 12/01/08 03:43PM

Have you heard that gay people are angry? It's true! They are so angry because California has decided it likes them as a couple, but it just doesn't see them getting married. (And other states don't think they'd be very good parents). Now there is a movement a rumbling in bathhouses and L.L. Bean stores across the nation calling for a Gay Boycott. On December 10th of this hallowed year, A Day Without Gays would like everyone to "call in Gay" to work. To not shop, to not participate in civics in any way. As a form of protest. We think it's kind of an interesting idea, and wonder, if it really was pulled off, what would happen? (131,000+ have already joined the Facebook Event!) What would this windblown nation of ours look like if for one 24 hour period, the gays let their absence do the talking? We'll conjure up some visions after the jump.

Five Break-Through Roles for Celebrity Kids

Richard Lawson · 11/11/08 04:38PM

So, have you heard that Jaden Smith, son of mega movie star Will, is going to be the next Karate Kid? Yeah, they're rebooting that old franchise—about street tough kids getting lessons in fightin' and thinkin' from mystical Asians—as a star vehicle for the kiddie. Sure, he's already starred (with Pa) in The Pursuit of Happy[sic]ness and has a role in the upcoming The Day The Earth Stood Still. But, the savvy tyke he is, Jaden's booked himself in the update of an iconic role that can shake off the simple title of "Will Smith's Kid." Now he'll be, well, "that new Karate Kid." He's not the first celeb spawn to go into the industry, and he won't be the last teetering into the fray to ditch associations with their famous folks. So who's next?? Who will be the next children of celebrities to hurl themselves in front of the camera in search of non-genetic fame? We'll take a look at some other famey babies after the jump and cast them in ideal (read: fake) break-out roles!