'Shit,' 'Fuck' to Enliven Supreme Court Oral Arguments

Sheila · 10/30/08 04:29PM

The Supreme Court hearing on "fuck" and "shit" on TV is getting to the good part: the part where all the lawyers will have to use said swears over and over in the august chambers to make their points. It's going to sound like a bunch of goddamned longshoremen or hard-boiled crime reporters up in there—only uttered by white-shoe barristers whose education costs are triple your net worth. "If [Chief Justice] Roberts allows it, such a display of blue language will be heard on TV and radio—in the middle part of the day—across America, and may be read the next morning in many newspapers," says the SCOTUS lawblog. WTF?Justice Roberts is undecided on whether or not he should even allow the lawyers to use the words—and if so, whether to allow the argument's audio to be played on C-SPAN. For hilarity's sake, we think he should. Then there's the issue of how the print media will handle it—would a "family paper" like the New York Times, for example, use the word "shit" to accurately quote the proceedings? (According to past practice, they would not.) [SCOTUSblog]

Raffaello Follieri Officially Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

STV · 10/23/08 05:35PM

Raffaello Follieri's precipitous slide from Anne Hathaway's Italian prince to just another fake Pope-anointed land baron hit bottom today in New York, where a judge sentenced him to four and a half years in prison for wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. Follieri, 30, pleaded guilty last month to bilking investors of nearly $2.5 million in funds intended for the Vatican and other low-end Catholic properties; his plea required him to agree not to appeal any sentence up to five years, three months. But it didn't mean he couldn't keep appealing to Hathaway, according to InTouch:

Supreme Court To Rule On Shit, Fuck

Hamilton Nolan · 03/03/08 12:27PM

Vitally important issue alert: The Supreme Court may finally take up the case of when the words "fuck" and "shit" are allowed to be broadcast on network television. The justices could decide as early as today [LAT] to hear a case on whether it's okay for the occasional drunk celebrity to say "Fuckin A-right!" at an awards show, or if that should land the network a hefty fine. The FCC is like, fine the fuckers! But the networks are like, fuck that! It's a true shit storm.