Frequently Nude Actress to Play Sarah Palin

Richard Lawson · 03/09/11 04:46PM

Move over Tina Fey, there's a new Sarah in town. And she just might take her clothes off. Or not. Probably not. Also today: more pilot news including a Who's the Boss update of sorts, more Survivor is coming your way, as is more Zach Braff.

The Price of Three Nick Cannon Tweets: $25,000

Maureen O'Connor · 09/29/10 09:02AM

Mr. Mariah Carey seeks sponsors for his birthday party. Paris Hilton "quits the club scene." Liza Minnelli celebrates photo retouching. Lindsay Lohan gets a job. Wednesday gossip will get you through the hump of the week.

Julianne Moore

Remy Stern · 09/22/10 05:00AM

Who: Indie film queen Julianne Moore has turned in critically-acclaimed performances in Boogie Nights, Far From Heaven, and The Hours.

Julianne Moore Discusses Airplane Oversharing

John Siegel · 07/01/10 12:41PM

When Julianne Moore stopped by David Letterman's couch last night, the two started out talking about how Julianne got carpal tunnel syndrome from texting too much. Yet somehow, they ended up talking about masturbators who fly first class.

Shy Heidi Montag Fails to Keep Breasts Covered While Filming Movie

Maureen O'Connor · 03/17/10 08:14AM

Mrs. Pratt's bikini top overfloweth and the paparazzi goes wild. What caused the Winslet-Mendes divorce? Ashley Dupre sets her hair on fire while posing naked. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt dares to wear pants. Wednesday gossip is full of risks.


cityfile · 01/29/10 10:24AM

Naomi Watts handing over some spare change to a panhandler ... Mischa Barton walking her dog ... America Ferrera walking to her trailer on the set of Ugly Betty ... Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott leaving ABC studios in Times Square ... Sarah Jessica Parker walking in the Village ... Mariska Hargitay filming scenes for Law & Order: SVU ... Pete Wentz eating pizza with son Bronx ... Jessica Szohr on the set of Gossip Girl ... Star Trek's Zachary Quinto talking on his cell phone in the West Village ... and Julianne Moore walking downtown.

Nice Lady Does Nice Thing, Looks Nice

Richard Lawson · 01/28/10 03:39PM

[Sometimes pictures are just... nice. Here's Julianne Moore at CS 154, celebrating some sort of Save the Children Valentine's Day contest. I like that Randi Weingarten (apparently!) is talking to a student instead of gawping at the movie star. Getty]