A Reblogger Speaks

Richard Lawson · 01/08/10 01:33PM

Yesterday we looked at the strange phenomenon of Julia Allison rebloggers. We think they're weird and a little crazy. Some of you agreed with us, some of you didn't. So we thought we'd go to the source for more insight.

Into the Internet's Ninth Circle of Hell: The Rebloggers

Richard Lawson · 01/07/10 11:06AM

If you were self-obsessed enough to launch a website about yourself, and then had someone obsessed enough with you to launch their own website based entirely on you, would you be flattered or creeped-out? Julia Allison faces such a predicament.

Julia Allison's Clone Army

Ryan Tate · 08/27/09 02:42PM

Julia Allison wants to be a Web mogul. Foreman of a fameball factory. Oprah to a dozen young Dr. Phils. In short, she'd like to replicate herself. Ominously, for such grand ambitions, she's recruiting on Cragslist.


cityfile · 08/17/09 08:58AM

Courtney Love shopping downtown ... Mischa Barton talking on her phone while eating lunch outside with a friend ... Paul McCartney waving to photographers in East Hampton ... Dave Zinczenko, Dan Abrams, and Julia Allison having dinner at Copa in Bridgehampton ... Julia Roberts leaving her trailer on the set of Eat, Pray, Love ... Sophia Bush going inside Pop Yogurt on West Broadway and Spring Street ... Drew Barrymore shooting scenes for Going the Distance ... Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian leaving the Howard Stern Show in Midtown ... and Beyoncé and Jay-Z having an early dinner at Bar Pitti on Saturday.

Don't Trust Anyone Over 45

Ryan Tate · 08/14/09 07:16PM

An ABC reporter went off on Joe Scarborough; Julia Allison asked if she could be mean if she felt like it and a Twitter-less vacation proved hard to start. The Twitterati just had to get in one last dig.