Mike Arrington Punches Back; Julia Allison Says Other Ex Was Abused

Adrian Chen · 04/12/13 11:36AM

After keeping relatively quiet for the past two weeks, TechCrunch founder and Silicon Valley kingmaker Mike Arrington issued an exhaustive rebuttal on his blog yesterday to his ex-girlfriend Jenn Allen's public claims that he raped and physically abused her. Arrington's pushback against Allen comes as Gawker has uncovered more detail on allegations that he assaulted another ex-girlfriend, Meghan Asha—including corroboration from Asha's friend and former partner, Julia Allison.

How Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Descended Into Reality Television (and How Tech Is on the Same Path)

Ryan Tate · 04/05/12 03:27PM

Randi Zuckerberg has been awarded a Bravo reality show, a show that will follow young people trying to become "Silicon Valley's next great success stories." The mere existence of the program shows how the myth of golden opportunity in the Valley is, once again, far surpassing reality. But beyond that, the show's a clear signal that ridiculous, highly public interpersonal drama will continue to swirl around the Zuckerberg clan for some time to come.

The Online Reputation Gap

Adrian Chen · 04/03/11 01:57PM

A pristine Google results page is the season's must-have online accessory. "Online reputation managers" offer to scrub your internet footprint of revealing pictures or embarrassing blog posts—for a hefty price. We are entering a brave new world of social media status differentiation!

How Julia Allison Lured Jack McCain Into Her Web

Ryan Tate · 12/23/10 10:36AM

It's true: Julia Allison is dating John McCain's son Jack. And the dalliance will bring the internet famemonger long-lost levels of attention, despite protestations to the contrary. Her camera has certainly been busy.

Julia Allison Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Richard Lawson · 08/13/10 11:12AM

You guys. Did you know this was happening? One-time Gawker fixation and current bargain-bin micro-celeb Julia Allison — of website fame — has left New York City. Let's take a moment to reflect on the fameball that was.

25 Historic Julia Allison Moments

Hamilton Nolan · 03/24/10 11:08AM

Fameball 1.0 Julia Allison is allegedly quitting the internet. She may not resurface for days, or even weeks. It's a sobering moment. Let us now look back and remember three and a half years of highlights of Julia's unfiltered life.

Marcus Brauchli Is Insanely Wealthy

Hamilton Nolan · 02/02/10 02:34PM

In your staggering Tuesday media column: Marcus Brauchli is far richer than a newspaper editor should be (especially considering the new classified ad numbers), the future of Harper's debated, and Julia Allison overcomes media haters (like Richard Lawson).