Glee: Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Brian Moylan · 10/13/10 12:29PM

Finally someone had the brilliant idea to pair all of the characters on Glee for an evening of duets. It also helped to establish some couples among our band of misfits. The episode was mediocre, but the idea was divine.

Judy Garland To Perform In Concert, Despite Whole Being Dead Thing

Richard Lawson · 06/10/08 04:44PM

As I've long feared, a zombie menace will soon stalk my beloved home city of Boston. Not the snarling, bloodied kind you see in movies, thankfully. Rather it will be a snarling, boozy Judy Garland (famed singer/actress/complete basket case) zombie. Long dead from the drugs and the drink and the sadness, Garland (who begat ol' herpes McGee, Liza Minnelli) will be featured "live in concert" with the Boston Pops this summer. The press release for "Judy Garland In Concert" promises "Judy herself returning to the stage for the first time in 40 years." Shiver! What could they possibly mean?

Liz Smith Incites Gay War Over Judy, Rufus

Emily · 05/15/07 11:18AM

On the holiest day of the Gay Year—the announcement of Tony nominations—a conflict has broken out that threatens to rend the community into deeply opposed warring factions: supporters of Rufus Wainwright and supporters of the poor maligned ghost of Judy Garland! At least, that's how Liz Smith, who is a gay man, sees it.

Who Stole Dorothy's Slippers?

doree · 04/25/07 02:15PM

All is not well in the land of Oz. Since mid-2005, a pair of ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland has been missing from a museum in Minnesota, and despite the fact that police are finally closing in on the thief, some in the community warn of an ominous cover-up. ABC News reports:

Jack Osbourne on David Gest

Gawker · 12/02/02 03:10AM

Jack Osbourne, son of Ozzy: "[David Gest] is a f -in' psycho. You know his deal, right? He was the biggest Judy Garland memorabilia collector. And then he gets the daughter. He gets the biggest prize out of the lot."
They said what? [Moviefone]