Judith Warner's Dreams of Our President

Pareene · 02/06/09 10:55AM

Were you wondering about the response of entitled comfortable menopausal women to the Obama presidency? No, you weren't, because those women are well-represented in our media, and you already knew they wanted to fuck the president.

Judith Warner Does Our Job For Us

Rebecca · 03/11/08 09:56AM

Times Domestic Disturbances blogger Judith Warner is going on book leave. And we would love to make a joke about how she's run out of insights about the complexities of the upper middle class. But she already went there: "I am officially Out of Ideas." And it would be fun to mock how all of her friends are tired of giving her material for a column, but she beat us to that, too: "I spent a chunk of Wednesday ... hoping that someone would say or do something that I could turn into a column. But no one did ... for precisely that reason." So fine, Judy. Go on book leave. But when you come back, we'll be here to make fun of you. [NYT]

Judith Warner To Kill At First Light

Ryan Tate · 02/01/08 08:00AM

After holding in failure screams for months, Times "Domestic Disturbances" blogger Judith Warner is about to snap, but it's going to make for awesome copy: "I'd had a feeling for some time that there was something worth writing about coffee. My attachment to it. My desire to draw my children into it... My husband, Max, worried that it would read like the worst sort of foodie feature, but I knew that I was intending something very different." So very, very different.

'Times' Columnists Cry On Each Others' Shoulders

Emily Gould · 06/08/07 02:55PM

Judith Warner's 'Domestic Disturbances' TimesSelect blog-column grows increasingly, well, disturbing. Buckling under the stress of "two grade-parent cocktail parties, one all-school gala, a Spring Fling, three music recitals" and other trials, she offers this confession: "I have, there's no question, gone off my gourd." Luckily for her, colleague David Brooks is perfectly willing to be her ad-hoc therapist.

Neal Pollack, King Of All Dads

Emily Gould · 05/18/07 04:10PM

"At last, people in the publishing industry have been listening. This season has seen the birth of what I think it's fair to call a new subgenre in literary nonfiction: Call it 'dad lit,'" writes author Judith Warner on her TimesSelect blog "Domestic Disturbances" today. According to Judith, we should all be rejoicing about the publication of books like Neal Pollack's Alternadad because this trendlet means that men and women are now equal, at least in the realm of being allowed to write narcissicistic parenting memoirs. Whee! But some commenters on her post, which mentions her weepy response to passages from Alternadad, aren't as enthusiastic about Neal and his work.