Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/16/09 07:05AM

Judi Giuliani, former mayor Rudy Giuliani's third wife and the woman he started dating when he was still married to his second, is turning 55 today. Actor Benjamin Bratt turns 46. 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl is 68. TV producer/writer Steven Bochco (LA Law, NYPD Blue) is turning 66. Movie director James Mangold (Girl, Interrupted, Walk the Line) is 46. Fallen hip hop producer Scott Storch is turning 36. Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri is 42. And Michael Lohan Jr., the brother of Lindsay and son of Michael and Dina, turns 22 today.

The Wednesday Party Report

cityfile · 04/15/09 12:51PM

It was Drew Barrymore's big night at the Ziegfeld yesterday when the new HBO movie, Grey Gardens, had its premiere. On hand for the occasion and afterparty at the Pierre: Drew's co-stars Jessica Lange and Jeanne Tripplehorn, as well as guests like Justin Long (left), Jimmy Fallon, Rudy and Judi Giuliani, Stanley Tucci, Steve Buscemi, Gay Talese, Arthur Sulzberger, Dan Abrams, Roger Friedman, Hilary Rhoda, Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone, Peter Som, Jason Wu, Erin Fetherston, Kristin Wiig, Tony Sirico, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Aerin Lauder, Albert Maysles, Ashleigh Banfield and Howard Gould, Monet Mazur, Debbie Harry, Selita Eubanks, the Beastie Boys' Mike D, Ad-Roc, and MCA, Aleksandra Baryshnikov, BD Wong, and the film's director, Michael Sucsy. [PMc, Wireimage, Getty, LAT, FWD]

It Ain't Easy Being Judi Giuliani

cityfile · 10/01/08 12:06PM

Judi Giuliani looked pretty foolish last Friday after the Times reported on the allegations made by Russell Harding, the former administration official who launched a blog last month containing all sorts of embarrassing tidbits about the ex-mayor's third wife. (Among other things, Harding described how Judi wrangled a low-income apartment using Rudy's ties to the real estate industry, and described how she routinely abused the NYPD officers assigned to protect her.) The Giulianis refused to answer questions on the record, but clearly the salacious revelations hurt. This past weekend, Rudy and Judi did what they generally do on the weekends: they hit the golf course. And poor Judi had her worst outing in a year and a half. The ups and downs of Judi golf game after the jump.

Judi Giuliani's Sweet Apartment Deal

cityfile · 09/26/08 07:15AM

This isn't going to be a fun day for Rudy Giuliani. The Times today has the details on Russell Harding, who served as a senior official in the Giuliani administration before he was convicted on a series of charges, including embezzling $400,000 and possessing child pornography. It turns out that Harding has started up a blog, RudyVeritas.com, and he's made a series of eye-opening allegations on the site, like how Rudy demanded that Judi Giuliani have a full-time NYPD security detail and how Judi was "abusive" toward the officers assigned to protect her. (She also made them carry her purse. Ouch.) But Harding's most salacious allegations detail how Giuliani managed to snag his then-mistress a ridiculously cheap apartment.

Rudy: Curbing His Golf Enthusiasm?

cityfile · 08/18/08 09:17AM

Rudy Giuliani would like you to know he's really, really busy. So busy, in fact, that he hasn't had a single second to reflect on why his candicacy for president imploded. "I have three, four, five things all going on at once," he told the Times over the weekend, mentioning trips to London, Ukraine, Switzerland, Japan and Kazakhstan, his busy schedule campaigning for John McCain, and his efforts to bolster his consulting/security business Giuliani Partners and the law firm where he serves as a partner, Bracewell & Giuliani. But is Rudy really that busy? What happened to all the golf he was playing?

Where Do You Stash Your Other Woman?

cityfile · 08/12/08 12:31PM

Where did John Edwards and Rielle Hunter have their first romantic interlude? At the Loews Regency Hotel on Park Avenue, which happens to be one of Edwards favorite hotels in town. (We're guessing, however, that the hotel's owner, Jonathan Tisch, won't be including this little fact in the official hotel brochure in the near future.) But Edwards isn't the only married man who picked the five-star property to carry on behind his wife's back. In 1997, former football star Frank Gifford—the husband of Kathie Lee—bedded nude model Suzan Johnson in suite 521. (Gifford later claimed a tabloid had set him up.) After the jump, a few of the hotels where some of the rich and powerful have cheated on their wives, stashed their goomahs, and/or ran up a huge mini-bar bill.

Rudy Giuliani: Golfs Three Days a Week

cityfile · 07/25/08 07:33AM

Andrew Giuliani may be the best golfer in the Giuliani family—he's said he hopes to go pro one day although getting kicked off the Duke team and then suing the school probably won't help advance his agenda. But he isn't the only member of the family who takes to the green with frequency. Both Rudy Giuliani and Judi Giuliani have been playing a good deal of golf themselves in recent weeks, USGA records show. And why not? It isn't as if Rudy has a political career to worry about!