James O'Keefe Will Pay $100,000, Apologize to Former ACORN Employee

Taylor Berman · 03/07/13 07:55PM

Journalism school laughingstock and expert jazz hands practitioner James O'Keefe will pay $100,000 and apologize to a former ACORN employee who was fired after being featured in one of O'Keefe's 2009 "sting" videos. The heavily-edited videos were successful, in that they led to a congressional investigation that eventually shutdown ACORN, netting O'Keefe $65,000 in the process. The videos were also, apparently, illegally filmed, at least the one shot in California. Former ACORN employeed Juan Carlos Vera sued O'Keefe and his partner-in-crime Hannah Giles last year, saying the secretly recorded video violated California law that prohibits recording someone without their permission.